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  1. Aw thanks guys for all the info!! I definitely was not aware that my links aren't working. I'll get on those now!
  2. Hey guys, I've had my account here with TOB for a couple of months but JUST currently began using this board [snip]. I know how it is being a newbie on sites , any pointers on how to get more clientele? So, my real question is.... Is business usually slow here or do I need to become a bi more established here on TOB ? Any feedback is warmly welcome 😘 Thank you in advance.
  3. Been in Denver 3 days and it's been pretty quiet around here :( what is a Cali girl to do around here?

  4. Nightshift?

    Also, it is pointless for you to create an account with nightshift unless you visit California often. Nightshift is CA's version of TOB, eccie etc. Also, eccie ONLY accepts reviews from reputable review sites on the provider version.
  5. Nightshift?

    Nightshift is the local board for northern ca. It is very reliable. Providers must be fully verified to post there. We don't really use the other review boards mentioned. Unless providers travel, that is when we use the boards mentioned.
  6. New to TOB

    Thank you for the warm welcome babes !
  7. New to TOB

    Hey babes, im Nicole! New to TOB just saying hey! As I still figure out how to navigate around the board! Any newbie tips? all answers are welcome! I am a California gal.[snip]