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  1. Onlyfans

    I haven’t been on here in a long time. I apologize if this had been already discussed or is against the rules. Anyone has any advice/tips for only fans? Things around here are still so slow due to the weird time in life we are all going through. I guess for the guys what do you like to see.. and ladies for the newbie what would your tips be. xoxo good vibes 😘
  2. Traveling

    Oh yes I already know your reputation will take you far. I was wondering more about other fun things to do. I like to have balance and go to concerts and such when I’m there.
  3. Traveling

    So as a lot know I’ve been home for a good minute. It’s been nice to settle down, but I’m starting to get bored. I had the opportunity to go to Denver this week. Although with my schedule it didn’t work... Was wondering when the best time of year you think is best to come into town? I miss it and I’m ready to come back for some fun. Good vibes xo
  4. Miss you all

    Unfortunately back in my lame Midwest town where I call home.
  5. Miss you all

    Hey, long time no talk.. Been crazy busyy with life. I thank all of you who have been there for me since day one!! You guys don't know how much help you all really were!! xoxo Good Vibes
  6. Twitter

    Thank you Lucy for the breakdown. I definitely want to do things thinking ideas through before I do them. 😘
  7. Twitter

    Thanks for the feedback!!! I am just trying to contemplate if it would distract me more than help...
  8. Twitter

    I was wondering if you ladies use twitter... If you do it for business is it useful or just something to get preoccupied on.... Your advice always helps!!!!!! Good Vibes xo
  9. Check Mate

    Wow I really need to learn to not use text to talk to respond on here.
  10. Check Mate

    He tried mailing it to me... Weirdest thing ever! My mind was blown that someone would seriously still try to do it. Like I said it just blew my mind that someone out there would still try and do it.
  11. I actually am having a similar problem right now. It really sucks being the young one in the scene. Most ladies in my age range are on backpage and that's defiantly not where I want to be. Females have been up right snooty with absolutely no help on information, and want to keep their things private. I get respect earned as it takes a long time to build your rep.... At a certain point I'm starting to get a bit frustrated though, as I thought forums were supposed to help each other out. Good vibes xo
  12. Check Mate

    Totes agree... Like I said I didn't cash it as I obviously knew it was a bad check. It really was more of a social experiment to see how far someone would try and get someone. It absolutely amazed me that someone would still even try to attempt to set something up with a check. Not to mention the fact he accidentally sent me the same email three times now... (he's blocked now)
  13. Dog Bless You…

    I absolutely love reading books even though I'm mostly done with all my schooling. I would have to say my favorite author is Agatha Christie!! There's something hot about mysterious murder stories. On my personal novel I'm writing I'd have to say like Melissa, I got a good one about homeless people since I just spent a month in Vegas. Reading is therapeutic at times and can be very peaceful when you need a break from reality.
  14. Check Mate

    I'm not stupid enough to try and even attempt cash a check. I will be honest when I say that I was indeed intrigued by the fact someone would actually still try it nowadays.
  15. Ladies preference – session length?

    You just made my vagina tingle... thanks for the laugh