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  1. HOT IN HERE!!

    Well I see that no one is actively posting on here so I thought I'd lend out the hand and give a little info on Arizona. The weather is perfect right now and it sets the mood just right. Clients have been friendly and I have a smile upon my face!!! I've thrown the word out there about TOB too so maybe we can make this a little more active?! I know this is the website that worked perfect for me in Colorado! All of you on here are amazing! Thank you so for all the information.

    Women are beautiful! While I have never had had a request I'd definitely be more than okay with it!!!
  3. Weird Guy

    Haha, no I would laugh at questions like that. The dude just gave me a creepy feeling. Always better safe than sorry!!
  4. Hotels

  5. Hotels

  6. Hotels

    And yeah I'll totes admit I'm still a young one. S'mores is the way to go!
  7. Hotels

    Hehe I feel ya there! I usually eat nothing but healthy food. Every once in awhile it's okay to spoil yourself. Good vibes to you!
  8. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    Always appreciate your helpful advice!!!
  9. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    Great answer, I think everyone should feel the same!
  10. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    To the guys... Does it really even matter if we say low volume or high?? What appeals to you more? Obviously I know everyone has their own taste...
  11. Weird Guy

    So I had this guy asking me all kinds of questions the other day. Although he of course never pulled through... It amazed me how someone could ask such stupid questions. Obviously I do what I do, because I have a hobby that has benefits! I feel so dumb for not doing it a long time ago. To think that I got jealous a while ago when I looked through a guys phone and saw the sites he was on. Perspective changes quickly. Lol Good vibes xo
  12. My 1st ever tat...

    How about a camel on your toe!
  13. Fall in love with client♀️

    Hahah thank you for the smile and laugh much needed.
  14. Fall in love with client♀️

    Setting boundaries is a must. My damn emotions get the best of me sometimes. I'm newly single though, so who knows what this world has to offer. What's a title nowadays anyways.
  15. Breaking Bad

    It was awesome seeing the breaking bad scenes. I definitely will have to rewatch the entire show again. Good vibes xo