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  1. If the decision was yours...

    Well 2big, I'll give you some info, I am a essential worker "I HAVE TO GO OUT EVERYDAY" and I have been for every freaking day since this started! To say if I go out I'm gonna catch it is irresponsible, this IS NOT the plague just floating around in the air waiting for you to breath it in. This is a bug not much unlike the flu, which I have also not had in over 10yrs! I have been in contact with people whom have become sick and guess what? I still am not sick and yes I have been tested...3 times in fact. Practice safe protocols and you can go into a ward of infected people and NOT catch it! Why we are having this OVERHYPE I'm not sure, political/financial or just trying to make a bigger Govt to control us more are all tops on my list! But scaring people has become the #1 game in town and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon! I have 2 family members who are in the medical field and guess what.... they've have been laid off!! How can we be laying people off who are suppose to be there keeping us healthy? Think about that!! 21 Kaiser offices closed in Colorado along with another 1/3 of non-essential clinics.... You can do as you like but I'm going to continue to go out everyday to work and jog when I have the energy, walk my dog and continue to practice safe hygiene and I'll still be healthy in 1 week, 1 month from now while the rest of you will be sitting at home waiting for the govt to send you your next check! No thanks, but you keep drinking the coolaid cause I guess it's free! AMEN! And well said!
  2. If the decision was yours...

    AMEN! And well said!
  3. Where is your happy??

    I'll take #8 TOB lady Netflix Swimming pool TOB lady #2 Home gym TOB lady #3 Home massage
  4. 411 on KANDI

    WOW, she sure looks real! Keep us updated...
  5. If the decision was yours...

    Not trying to minimize this horrible virus, just put some perspective on it, over 1/2 of ALL deaths are the elderly, many with already underlying diseases, heart disease, lung disease, auto immune defficiencies, respiratory problems, etc. Half of the remaining are younger people but also with some of the above health issues! Can't find it right now but somewhere I read that people who smoke are 80% more likely to die from this bug if they catch it.. Plenty of blame to go around here but bottom line is nobody thought it was as dangerous as it turned out to be...mad woman Pelosi was telling a half dozen cameras on Feb 24th, while walking down the street with her load of followers to come to Chinatown everything is open, see me I'm going to eat right now! How about the mayor of New York on Mar 2nd urging New Yorkers to get out on the town take in a play or go to the cinema. This all made it worse!!! It downplayed the severity for the avg Joe on the street, New York/New Jersey is the epicenter of this with the largest amount of international travelers. But that is water under the bridge at this point, nothing can be done about it but learn! As for the 2000 deaths per day that's NOT going to continue, we are at the peak of those now and new cases are going down in the majority of cities across the country. There is also some inflated Covid19 #'s out there, deaths that would be reported as flu or pneumonia, heart disease and being lumped into the Covid19 basket. Why is this happening, political/financial reasons being the most likely culprit! The sky is not falling, we will move on from this hopefully better prepared for the next big outbreak and I'll bet the next time when they stop airline travel from other countries nobody will be crying about the inconvenience of it. That's my 4 cents...🤣
  6. If the decision was yours...

    Well a lot of diff opinions here, all valid I might add, but opening things up has to be done on a case by case basis. The hardest hit areas should be the last to open, many areas are barely affected such as rural places, smaller towns etc. Mayor's should be allowed to let businesses open in these areas by May 1st at the latest.... But first and most importantly people with any symptoms need to stay away from others until totally clear. People will wear masks for some time, majority of people will do a better job of wiping down things they touch beforehand for the foreseeable future. Life as we knew it is gone, just like after 911. I don't see a packed Coors Field anytime soon even after they start playing ball, how about a standing room only concert how many of us will pass on that? We need to get people back to work plain and simple before the aftershocks of the virus become worse than the virus itself!
  7. Haircuts?

    If I had one of those faces that's what I'd do for sure! 🤣😂🤣
  8. Haircuts?

    Oh I take care of that just always on my own never had a lady do it for me! Scares me just thinking about somebody else with a razor and scissors down there.
  9. Haircuts?

    Hmmm, never thought about letting someone do that job "down low" on me....Has me intrigued
  10. The Domino Effect

    The sentence is not fitting to the crime! Everyone get back to work, wear masks take EXTRA precautions maybe wear gloves if you choose wash hands/face often. If you are older with weaker immune system stay out of the public and by ALL means if you are sick stay home! Case closed!
  11. The Domino Effect

    Sorry JoDo, you raised the SS issue not me, I just responded to it...Other than correcting me on the specifics of alcohol deaths I see you didn't take that any where? You never answered my questions, should we outlaw alcohol because it causes 800k deaths per year? How about tobacco? There will be 1000s of deaths due to this govt shutdown that will have nothing to do with the virus, we'll never here those stories on the MSM... Let's go back to the alcohol issue again, what do you think is going to happen in the next 10-12 months there?? ( besides more babies) I think that 800k number will surpass 1 million! Think we'll hear anyone crying about that?
  12. The Domino Effect

    What I'm saying as well as MANY others jodo, is the majority of people are spending LESS $$ in these times not more! Being on SS has little to no effect unless you are sick...So what does your argument of being on SS have to do with anything... I have 2 ex-inlaws on SS and have talked to them numerous times since this began, and other than being bored to crap it hasn't effected their lives or most of their friends at all, certainly not financially! To those who get sick my heart goes out to them, but should 300+million Americans be isolated to their homes?
  13. The Domino Effect

    But YOU were nitpicking, and I apologized for quoting it wrong, but it doesn't take away from the point now does it JoDo?
  14. The Domino Effect

    Well let's see jodo, I'm getting say $1500 a month from SS, what changed to them to need more $$ during panadamic? They'll still get their 1500 mo. plus a check for $1200 from govt. If you are old or higher risk of life and death (smokers, cancer, asthma, heart issues, etc.) then you SHOULD stay home, $$ isn't the first concern, YOUR LIFE is! It does suck for many people out there, but this domino effect takes it from 100k to millions to tens of millions in a heart beat.... Who will write a book some day about how many people died from this virus that never even got sick? The Domino effect!
  15. The Domino Effect

    Sorry JoDo, but this was close enough for me! I have limited resources and time to research but I do read plenty....
  16. The Domino Effect

    It's hard when we lose someone we love ANYTIME, I've lost a teenager in a car crash...We lose close to 3000 per year on avg should we stop any kids from driving till 21?? How about alcohol driving deaths, over 80,000 every year, should we just outlaw alcohol? We outlawed drinking and driving and witht tougher laws every year but to no avail people keep dying! We lose over 600 people per year during sex! And sorry I'm not giving that up so if I gotta go I can't think of a better way to go out.. Just saying we can't shut the country down every 7-10 years because of a nasty bug that kills 100k people or this will become the NEW norm! Learn from this and move on....
  17. Is this normal protocol for a provider?

    Run, run, run!
  18. Most Looking Forward to These Activities

    Normal days off and shifts again, sports back to watch again and of course all the ladies welcoming us in with open arms!

  20. What’s your solution?

    I hope this is true badboy many people need this $$ ASAP, if it's a joke it's a very cruel one!
  21. What’s your solution?

    2 weeks from today money arriving from govt in the form of direct deposits, should take the stress down a notch or two for many...
  22. Tiger King

    Thanks that does looks good, maybe tomorrow...have a date tonight! 😍
  23. Helping each other...what do you need/have

    Hit stores first thing in the morning when they open up, best chance of finding fresh stock of TP paper towels and Kleenex. I even lucked out with some wipes at Walmart on Thursday, 1 per person rules on this stuff so it's hard to help others. It never lasts on the shelf for more than 1 hour after opening...
  24. New challenge for the hobby.....

    Amen Lacy, I'm healthy so I will take my precautions but my life shall go on. I don't listen or watch MSM anymore it's all one sided news! Everyday life is a blessing in good times and bad, so love one another and God bless you all!
  25. Stay healthy and active!

    Gentlemen, help out your favorite ladies..... Trouble on the horizon if we don't!