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  1. Visiting Vegas

    Over 300 listings on p411 for Vegas, best source I've ever found...
  2. The Gift Card Girls

    The only time a provider will get a gift card from me will be after our appointment is over and I'm smiling ear to ear...
  3. Return of Jhooker

    I remember that every day I have on this earth is special, I take none for granted anymore, we've all suffered loss and I understand that... some of us have suffered more than others but I enjoy everyday to the best I can. I hold nothing back anymore, I tell the ones dearly to me how truely special they are to me every single day. Jhooker I'm so so sorry, I feel your pain to lose a soulmate. I keep waking up looking for something that would give me hope everyday. Baby steps to me and I think I'm in a good place now, I pray for you that you find your same space to enjoy life with the special people around you!
  4. Rockies Thursday...

    The posibility Colorado Other Are there any ladies who would like to join me at the Rockies game this Thursday afternoon? Text me if you know me pm me if we haven't met. Just looking for another fan to take in the game with...
  5. CoVid and providers

    Never changed a thing that I wasn't doing already, practice safety with everything you do and that's the best I can hope for. And yes I believe as well we will all catch this sooner or later just like the flu, I get the flu shot every year but I still get the flu every couple years so nothing is full proof!
  6. Anyone seen Bianca

    Same here, no response...
  7. 411 on Alex 12

    Just throwing my 2 cents in on the topic, we must all remember that most traveling ladies to Denver are gone by the time a review is written and can be posted for others to read. So when we do our own research (which we all know that some do much better research than others) and find no info why should we condemn one for asking others on the tob community? We are all in this together with the same goal right? The ladies want to meet safe respectful gentlemen to spend time with and us guys want to find that special lady to spend an evening with. Let's work together and not against each other, and above all let's have a great time doing it...
  8. Happy Valentine's Day

    A special thanks to the lovely ladies, (you know who you are) who helped me have my best Valentine's Day ever! ❤️❤️
  9. Book a date with your favorite lady!

    What a better way to help stimulate the economy (and yourself at the same time) and help out our beautiful colorado ladies here on TOB! Just a thought!
  10. Flying a provider to you

    Fly to her for sure! Airline prices cheap right now don't even need to spend the night!
  11. Lilly/Lizzy 228-641-7089 Colorado Companion Anyone seen this beauty? I find plenty of links out there but no reviews?
  12. 411 in Lilly/Lizzy

    Thanks Kaduk, was afraid of that...
  13. Merry Christmas to all

    either one would be fine with me!
  14. Allie 719-822-8329 Colorado Companion Any of our experts out there have any info on this beautiful lady?
  15. 411 - shows as blonde cutie

    Many women on that site along with adultsearch most want deposit by cashapp or for you to purchase gift card of some sort. DON'T DO IT..
  16. Maddie

    Would love to meet her as well!
  17. I second that Leyla!
  18. 411 on Allie from Tryst

    Thanks Kaduk, looks like another tgtbt lady...😤
  19. If you won the Powerball?

    Just touching on a dream subject while we're all bored.... For me besides taking care of a half dozen special ladies I've met here on tob and 411 that have made an impact on my life in a positive way, the other thing I'd love to do is give back to all the tob ladies as a whole... The best way I'd love to make that happen is to make their normal donation times say 3 or 4 and have them ALL come together for one HELL of a party! A rented hall with all food/drinks/entertainment/dancing just for you, the ladies as my thank you for all your loving kisses over the years. Oh what a dream it would be to have all you beautiful ladies together in one room!
  20. 2nd wave or what?

    Have to agree, I've just recovered from a 5-8 day stunt with covid, didn't have any of DJT type docs but recovered none the less, the worst part was knowing I couldn't see any of the wonderful ladies I like to see. No idea how I caught it and I don't really care. Never once did I feel like I was dying, sick yes but I've been sick before and most likely will be sick again! Protect yourself, be careful around others but open up our economy again, STOP the lockdowns! A covid survivor!