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  1. Hello TOB! Sooo about two weeks ago I'm texting trying to set something up, We had agreed on him picking me up because my room mate was home. Well I didn't know this but he's married. To me it doesn't matter if he is married or not and I typically do not ask if they are married either. Any way I asked what time I should be expecting to get picked up at but never received a reply. Then I received a phone call from what I'm assuming is his significant other as the number wasn't the same I was texting before. The conversation went something very close to this. Me:😶 Her:😠 😶: Hello 😠: How do you know my husband *Bob (name has been changed) 😶: Excuse me? Who? 😠: Don't play dumb with me. I saw the text messages. You were supposed to meet up. You were calling him babe. It sounds to me like you're an escort. So are you? 😶: Listen I don't know "Bob" and that is something that you should be asking him and honestly if you can't trust him to tell you the truth then maybe you shouldn't be with him. 😠: Ok that's all I needed to know. Your answer just said it all. She then hung up on me. She called me again but I didn't answer. Shortly after I received several messages from his number. "I just want to let you know u can have him I'm done and now he'll have more free time " "And thank you for not lying for him" I can only assume these came from her. Several hours later... "Why the hell did you do that" 😶: Excuse me? Why the hell did I do what? Look here don't get me involved in your personal BS. I don't even fucken know you so I'll be damned if you're going to fucken come at me like I did anything or like i have to do anything for you. Don't message me you or your wife. "You were suppose to be on my side not make it look like I am lying" 😶: I'm blocking you. I don't even know you so stop wasting my time. "Your a fucking whore thanks for nothing" 😶: 😭 "So yeah lose my number since u were the one fucking asking to meet up👍" That was that. Now the whole reason for all this really is to ask. In the future how do I handle these calls? How have you ladies handled these before? Because in the past 4 years I've been in this industry I had never ran into this. Thanks!