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  1. One of our lovely ladies has a very clever, funny video in her ad. How can I point it out so it can the subject of discussion on the Board without it being a shill? (perhaps someone else will mention her name in a reply and be subject to the hand slap)
  2. On self-reviewing

    There was a previous thread about a new Marine provider. Even though she now has 4 or 5 stellar reviews, she has been branded as a self-reviewer. My question for the Board is should she (or anyone else caught self-reviewing) be so branded for the rest of her life or after a given amount of time or perhaps after a certain number of good reviews should she be forgiven by the Board and the community? Your thoughts? Note to moderators, I do not know this provider, I do not have a pony in this race. I am just using her as an example since her reviews are easily pointed out with the red dot.
  3. Orgy Dome?

    Question? Why don't they serve beer in the Orgy Dome? Answer: The girls kept getting sand in their Schlitz. Not to risk an infraction but I know one of Denver's TOB providers has been there all week. She has an ad on TOB's Reno Board.
  4. I will be visiting Dallas next week for Thanksgiving. I know that EB has a Dallas Board but there is only one girl listed. Does anyone have any recommendations on local or regional boards to find a friendly face in Dallas? Thanks. ..
  5. There is an interesting post on EscortBoards by The Lovely Bryana. Regardless of if you believe her or don't believe her, it takes a lot of class to admit to mistakes and move on as a better person. She is obviously taking the high road with the TOB moderators and deserves props for that too. Personally I don't think she self-reviewed.
  6. Did Bryana Submit A Self-Review On TOB?

    Maybe it is that new math that we hear about but I'm not sure how admitting to one thing equates to "a lot". Do you want to pin JFK's death on Bryana too? She wasn't even born yet. The previous "mea culpa" was admitting to something that was public knowledge - poor services and bad reviews. Bryana is admitting to something that is not public knowledge - fake pictures. It is a huge difference.
  7. What is old, wrinkled and smells like Ginger? (Hint - if you are too young to know, Google Ginger Rodgers) Answer: Fred Astaire's Face. One of my favorite activities is DATY - The perfect smoothness, the responsive tongue touch, the visuals, the sweet taste. Even a perfectly clean pussy has a subtle taste and an odor. After a wonderful session of snatch munching, I savor the lingering smell on my breath as I drive home allowing me to continue to enjoy the time together. However once I get home, this odor would have consequences with my SO. Does any one else have similar concerns? I have found that sometime the juicy smell lingers even after a good face washing. If you have a similar issue, what do you do to mitigate the odor? What I have found works is when I pull into the garage, I pop the hood on my car to "check my oil". Then I take some gasoline from the lawn mower gas can and dab some on my face like aftershave. It works very time.
  8. Can anyone recommend a truly Ebony provider?

    Back to the original thread, hands down the best to meet the poster's requirements is Bryana, she posts on EB:
  9. I often visit the Miami-Dade County area. Does anyone know of any local provider boards besides eccie & BP? Thanks for your help.
  10. While going through the ads on ES, very often I will click on an ad that says "New Pictures" only to find the exact same pictures that the provider had been posting for months. The "truth in advertising police" are very quick to point out a fake picture or if services are not as advertised but the "new" pictures rip off seems to go by unscathed. The idea of course is to get you to click their ad, advertising 101, but ... My question to the Board is how long should new pictures be considered new? A similar question is what should be considered a new picture, new in relationship to time (as in taken today) or new as in never before published? Sorry if I used a banned word, "police".
  11. It seems like within the last month or so that suddenly several providers advertising on EscortBoards have started posting pictures showing their pussy. Has anyone else notied this change? I thought I once read that EB ads showing the genitals were not allowed so has there been a rule change or are providers just pushing the boundries? I am certainly not a prude but it just seems to me to be too much information, that it lowers the Board to be more like a porn site instead of a place to find upper scale working ladies. Also I have to ask myself why provider's have suddenly felt the need to make this change?
  12. Interesting article on a new study about who, among men, are at the greatest risk of catching HPV. From the article: The rates were also significantly higher for the men who were single, divorced, separated, or widowed than in those who were married or cohabiting. However, men who had had 20 or more sexual partners did not have a significantly increased risk of acquiring any oral HPV infections, the study authors noted. .... Interestingly, men with college educations had higher rates of acquiring new oral HPV infections compared with those who didn't attend college. The researchers also found that oral sex and alcohol consumption were not significantly associated with oral HPV infections. So it appears that as a man, the best way not to catch HPV is to be married, have lots of sex partners (20 or more is better), have lots of oral sex, drink a lot and not go to college. Life is sweet!
  13. I didn't want to hijack another thread (Pricing for longer sessions) but a provider friend of mine told me that she has had a few guys that book and pay for an hour session but finish quick and can't do MSOG. They were not unhappy with the session but ask for a refund since they were only there for half an hour. I told her (no pun intended) that that would suck and she should nicely say no. What say the Board?
  14. I just think it is so ironic that Anthony Weiner sent pictures of his weiner. Hats (and pants) off to the weiner. Long live the weiner.
  15. Providers Showing Their Pussy in EB Ads

    As the original poster of this thread, I do want to clarify that I enjoy looking at pussys. Big pussys, small pussys, tight pussys, loose pussys, brown pussys, pink pussys, moist pussys, pulsing pussys. The think that I enjoy the most though, is seeing a pussy that is filled with my (covered) manhood. Also, I had forgotten about Aubrey's now famous "reaching for the lamp" picture. I don't consider the picture to be included in my original question since the picture was very tasteful & subtile. I'm all for leaving some things to the imagination especially since most of sex occurs between the ears, not the between legs.