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  1. 411 Leah - COS

    I have met Leah as she did a video for us and yes she is real. She is just starting to escort and is new so that is why no reviews to date.
  2. For the ladies!!!

    If it is needed I can look into creating a site like that. I have servers available and a few web folks who could create it. Would just want to know what info you all would want to see and how it should be set up. PM and let me know. CJ
  3. Photog????

    You can PM me for details. :-)
  4. I have seen multiple reviews which peak my interest but nothing since Dec. Was just wondering if anyone has any information on her they would like to share or have seen her recently. :-) Thanks!!
  5. Question about French lessons

    LOL now now sexy... don't you remember I lasted a whole 148.5 seconds!! LOL
  6. Porn

    I sent you a PM. It is what I do and I can answer your questions. CJ
  7. 411 on Tonya in COS

    Google image search shows her advertising in TX under another name.
  8. Newly Single so Ready to Mingle!!

    Just wanted to drop a note for those who know me to say I am about to be single and ready to get back to business. Don't want to advertise so if you know me then you know what I do. Also... the "hobby" might become more required now than ever. So are there any good places to just chill, not too crowded but has lots of eye candy in the Springs? CJ
  9. 411 on Allison

    I saw her quite a while ago. She is real if that is what you are asking.
  10. Website!

    This site, being a scam site, wouldn't keep your info off the site as you could be "re-added". It also states that if you try to sue them for posting your info you would win. This is based on a court ruling that if a site gets it's content from third party sources it is not liable for the content. While this is true... you can simply remind them that once you identify to them that they are posting copyrighted material on the site it is their responsibility to remove it as notice as been provided. The court case they refer and rely on does not cover them in this instance. I doubt they will comply but at least providers will have an actionable claim once notice has been provided. CJ
  11. Website!

    For sure a scam to scare providers into paying to be removed!!
  12. Ranking escorts?

    "Back in the Day" we did provide a french contest with pre-picked judges and that was not only fun but fair (focused on a singular element) as we judges all provided a rated score and the top point earner won. No real losers though!!
  13. 411 Brynn COS Backpage...

    Just and fyi on the below posting. It is a webcam girl scam. Once you contact you get a request to pay $25 to webcam first before any date can be set. I asked simple questions as rates, and location in the Springs and only was told "Downtown". When I pressed for nearest cross streets to make sure she was legit she simple said she didn't want to play 20 questions and nothing more. Tried again from another number to verify... same thing. CJ
  14. New to the board.....

    Welcome!! I'm sure you will find the board helpful!!
  15. Happy thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!