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  1. I checked some websites and bought fenugreek and ginseng. I'm not sure is it make any sense? I'm late 50
  2. Last time I think about re-enter myself in to some fun. But I'm not sure about traveling ladies. Any advices based on experience for men aged within late 50 ... 60?
  3. Good question for my late 50s ...
  4. What the rules I must follow to be able write a post/topic without waiting approval?
  5. Colorado Massage I newer visited massage salons, but now I think about it. I checked few websites, but not sure about information provided. Any recommendation/websites for Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville ... areas? Better be asian girls with nice service.
  6. How to handle the life?

    This is the smartest thought for while( 6 likes ). Good job ... LOL
  7. How to handle the life?

    How to handle the life if I think I am are so smart and people too boring for me?
  8. What's your fantasy?

    So ... I have a lot but:
  9. " Your content will need to be approved by a moderator" - is it forever? What I have to do to post here like normal human?
  10. Making friends vs. being a loner

    Make sense. Just not so easy as you said.
  11. My wife after 50. Is it any female performance enhancers work? Any advices?
  12. Hobby phone or no?

    What about married men who want adventure some times or(more often) tired of they wife? I's much more easy to stop by at provider then illuminate own face in bars filled with coworkers and friends of wife/
  13. Do I have to buy pre-paid phone to call ladies or I can use my own phone? Anybody have negative experience? I see almost all providers doesn't use email as contact. P.S. I think about visit someone, but I'm little bit tired of buying every time a new pre-paid cell.