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  1. Anybody watching House of Dragons

    Watching, but not fully hooked yet. Binge watched game of thrones during part of the pandemic, and got hooked early on there, I’ll give dragons a while longer yet
  2. Veteran's Day

    Please thank her for her service.
  3. Chivalry: is it dead?!

    Not dead at all!!! As a gentleman we should always (as I do and suppose most of you do as well) do ask what I (we) bring as a gesture of appreciation .
  4. Anyone recognize Jeanie?

    Jewel Davidson I believe
  5. Such a great time of year

    Castle wood Canyon, Roxborough both have great trails.
  6. I saw Don Williams in concert here in Denver several times. When ever I here someone say “ I believe in” I am transported back to the late 80’s. Thanks for the flashback Dwayne...
  7. Wonderful idea. I’ve always asked if i could bring something when I make my confirmation call/text, but used to refer to a bottle of wine or something along those lines. Going forward I’ll be more sincere in my offer to bring something if need.
  8. Halloween

    Mounds (.)(.)
  9. Providers who post in multiple locations

    What is the zip code (just for future information)
  10. Cougars

  11. For the Old-timers...

    How about Blinky the Clown.
  12. Tan Lines

    Love tan lines, the more pronounced the better.
  13. The G Spot If you don't know now you know!

    I need to go practice, any volunteers?
  14. Whitelisted

    Understood, the next lovely lady gets a review.
  15. Whitelisted

    LOL.... shy quiet type here.