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  1. Came across an article

    Are those that do not wear a mask being selfish by not looking out for others health or are those that do wear a mask being selfish for not standing up for their rights or other people's rights. Is following nonsense rules that are not based on science being selfish? Two sides to the same coin. Michigan has a dictator as a governor and worth keeping an eye on since she might be running for Vice President. Michigan has been out front on this issue as it is a state that has been hit hard by the governor and the virus. There is some good information on Michigan has been out in front of this since it has been hit hard by a dictator of a governor and the virus. It might be worth keeping an eye on Michigan because the governor might be running for vice president. StandUpMichigan has an agenda but some of the information is good. It gives a different point of view. Long ver
  2. Mask Required?

    Here in Michigan we are entering our 20th week of being forced to close. We have done everything the governor has asked, always being promised that if we just do this one more thing we can re-open the state, and every time our efforts are meet with more of our freedoms taken from us and more false promises. If Masks where important, they should have told us in March when hospital ships where being sent to the coasts. We are expected to believe the government know at that time masks where needed but wanted to save supplies for the medical field.. so in other words they knowingly put you and your loved ones at risk because they did not want to tell you that a one dollar bandana or scarf could save your grandfather's life. The government that says they now where not telling us the truth at that time but want us to believe them now. They said the mask was symbolic only to change the story. We can get a more honest answer from the government about area 51 than we can about the masks. The air quality being breathed in by those who wear a mask often times will violate the OSHA requirements on air quality. It would be against OSHA rules to set at a desk working on a computer while not having the right oxygen level but we are expect to go to the mall with a mask. Some areas of hospitals such as operating room where mask are worn for longer periods of time have extra oxygen pump into the rooms. Yet was are going to ask out children to wear a mask all day during school. The American's with Disability Act allows an exception to those with have medical issues with wearing a mask. Store have to accommodate those with medical condition. You are not allowed to question anyone's claim of being disabled. The stores do not have to allow you in without a mask, but they have to make accommodations such as have someone shop for them, or special hours.. most smaller stores just allow people without to come in and do not refuse service. It is much like the sign reads "no shoes, no service" but if someone comes into a store with a cast on their leg and unable to wear a shoe, is not going to be refused service. A vet in a wheel chair because they have no legs would not be refused service because they don't have shoes on... and those who can not wear a mask must not be refused service. Here wearing a mask is required but there is no guidelines on what a mask must be. I can't wear a mask for very long so I carry one made of cargo netting because it allows me to breath.
  3. Dealing with a loss of a pet

    Kandi, I don't have the words to take your pain away. I know that pain. Our small dog took a turn for the worse and they could not find out what was wrong with her. We had to say good bye to her. Because of the virus we where suppose to drop her off at the curb in front of the vet and they would take her inside for the last time.. The vet broke the rules and allowed us to be with her in her final moments. It is a lose that can't be replaced, you can get other pets that you will love but there will always be a hole in your heart and no words I have will make that heal.. I am sorry.. I truly wish I had the words.. I just believe that you will be together again one day. Stay strong.
  4. Name change

    The names comes from the red war paint the Native American's wore.. I think it would be a show of respect at the time. No one is going to want to name their team and players a racial slur and hope to sell merchandise and tickets. What player would want to be called a racist slur, it would not make good business sense to name a team that players would not want to play under. Now it has become political. What about the name Cowboys, that was a derogatory name. It was a put down towards those that works around cows. Should we take offense to the name Cowboy and have teams change the name? How about Vikings, Packers, Steelers, how about Raiders, they are not known to be nice people? How about the Oklahoma Sooners, why are we honoring a group of cheaters by names a football team after them? Should we get rid of the name "Pirates"? There are real life Pirates doing bad things today so why do we glorify them by naming teams after them? I live near a town who's college teams are names the "Chippewas".. but the college is on a reservation and when you name the team after yourself, I guess it is not racist. No one takes offense to the name.
  5. Supply and demand never thought id use it here

    Carley, My business has been forced to be closed for going on four months and it remains closed until at least another month. I am concern that when I am opened up again, business will be slow as people are fearful of returning. I am concern there will be a second wave and if I can open, I will be forced to close again. I don't know when it will end or when I can get back to my life. I don't know what stimulus I might be available to me or even if I can get any help before the money runs out again. Right now I could use a distraction and spend some quality time with a lady but I am hunkering down and being very careful with my money until I have a better feel for what the future might have in store for us. I hope you don't take it personally. I would suggest looking for ways to increase the service so people will think they get more for their money.. Maybe add a half hour or hour to the appointment to allow time to spend time to share dinner or a movie. I am not suggesting lowering your prices, but maybe a movie and time alone package or a breakfast in bed package where you can get to know each other over bacon and eggs. Some packages might be fun.. a strip poker or come strip board games for those that wish to say in. I might be to tempted if for a little more money, I could share time over dinner or see a movie before spending some private time, as it would be a nice distraction for the stress of life in 2020. It wouldn't work for everyone but it might for some clients. I think you might need to be creative. Good Luck. Hang in there.
  6. Settling In

    I have a business in Michigan, a state that has seen a lot of infections even through we have extreme overreaching and mostly likely unconstitutional governors orders. We are required to wear masks when indoors. I counted how many people came into our business with a mask.. less than 5%. We did the mask thing, we closed our businesses and when people protested about the overreach, they where told they where responsible for the spread of the virus, that they where selfish. The governor vilified the protesters, unless they protesting something that politically was to her advantage to get behind. Now it appears the virus only effects those that oppose the governor. Mask for only for those that are not protesting the police. Social distancing is not for those that riot or wants to defund the police. If you protest to open your business, to make a living, you are vilified for not social distancing or wearing a mask. We are over wearing the masks. Doctors where has said it might be more harmful to wear a mask than not wearing one. Stores no longer require it, partly because the American Disability Act prevents a store from enforcing the wearing the mask policy. Most store employees are no longer wearing masks. We closed our stores, closed our churches, canceled graduations, we buried our loved ones with only 10 people at the funerals, we has postponed weddings. Loiters get a pass, but if you cut hair you are shut down... now if you protest and riot you don't need to respect social distancing or wear a mask.. it is all political.. and I am done with it.
  7. me and my little doggie?

    What part of the Great Lake area are you in? It is good to see this board get a visitor every once and a while.
  8. Please, stop asking....

    Due to the virus I might look for extra from a provider that she might not normally provide... a face mask, temperature check, hand sanitizer. etc If I can't get within six feet of her, I might request a discount.
  9. Hotels vs a apartment or house which is better

    I prefer hotels because I am familiar with them having worked for hotels for many decades... but mostly, I prefer safe and clean.
  10. If the decision was yours...

    Furious Weasel I agree with you. Check out what is going on here in Michigan. Our governor is destroying our economy. She has gone to far and people are pushing back.
  11. If the decision was yours...

    Self Employed.. my business was order to close as most of the business was deemed non-essential to live. I have been open a few hours a week to work within the new laws hoping to make enough to cover some of the business expenses. I filed for unemployment today.
  12. Week 4 of lockdown!

    They can put a fancy feel good name to it but it is Home Incarceration. When the law catches up with me, will this be considered time served? It is karma.. I am being grounded for all the things I did in my youth and thought I got away with it, but in my own defense, how could the Holiday Inn think it was a wise idea to give the hotel van keys to a 17 year old.
  13. Why don’t gentleman read the ads?

    Maggie; It is human nature, people don't read. They don't read the restaurant menus, they don't read directions, or road signs. It is part of working with the public. You might have it worse than other professions because men might tend to see your photos and stop reading. Personally speaking, I look over the photos as if I am studying art. Are they playful, do they reflect the person in the photo, I study the backgrounds. I look to see if the place is clean. If a photo is worth a thousand words, I listen to every word the photo says. I read over the website or ad because that is a reflection of who I might meet. Is it a list of rules or more welcoming, all play a part in my decision. I read every word. I notice that your website refers to you in third person and sometimes in first person, which makes me wonder if you had the site done or if that is just part of your personality. I check to see if the ad is well written, if it is fun and yet professional. I would not have reference that you would accept. If I could spend time with you and did not have references, I would offer for just a dinner or lunch date at a public restaurant to get to know each other. If I made you feel comfortable, maybe a second date would be in a more private setting. I don't know if that would offend you so depending on the vibe I get from the ad or website, I might not make that offer. I might have studied the photos, read every word of your ad and website and still might be on of those guys you are complaining about. We men tend to be idiots and our level of stupidity increases around a lady.
  14. Stay healthy and active!

    This situation is going to require me to dig out my Y2K supplies.
  15. Looking for a surrogate provider.

    Arkoshark, I know the feeling. It can be scary to get back into the world. You made a step forward by sharing your concerns. I would suggest reading these boards to get a sense of the lady's personality. You might get sense of what spending time with a lady will be like based on how they present themselves here on these boards. You might look at starting slow, with a lunch or dinner... then later move to dancing, holding a lady in your arms, moving together to the music, moving together as one.. Ask the lady if she has a social meet and greet rate and take things at your own pace. Good Luck.