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  1. Role play ideas

    Clothing plays and important part in role-play. I think of a flirtations 50's style pin up model and professional photographer. Donuts are my weakness so a sexy Krispy Kreme employee in uniform with a dozen donuts would be a dream come true. I want it my way with a 1970's Burger King clerk or pick up a 1960's Pan Am flight attendant in the hotel lobby. Lately I've been thinking of an old fashion shoe store. A starlet calls the store to have a pair of sexy but stylish heals sent over. I show up at the shoe salesman, with the requested shoes. She is clearly scrabbling to get ready for a big evening. She is running around franticly trying to get ready for the night. She is in her underwear, hair and make-up is done. Her black dress hangs on the door. She talks on her phone checking on her ride and paying me no mind. I try not to stare at her. When she finally is ready for me, she said she isn't paying for them until she tries them on and set in a chair, puts her foot out. I kneel down in front of her, open the box of shoes. I use my thigh as her footrest. I slid the high heal on her foot, a nice fit. While I buckle the strap, she slightly opens her legs, almost as if she in inviting me in. I can't help but stare, I look up and she that she is watching me stare at her. I move to the next foot. She walks around in them, walking close to me, almost making contact. She asks me how she looks, asks how it makes her butt look in a flirtatious way. She sets back down in front of me and I start to remove the shoe to place them back in the box. She asks if I want to break them in. I look at her puzzled when she pulls my head to her, between her legs. Over the next few minutes our cloths are removed, everything but the new shoes. Now I understand what she means by breaking them in. I leave the shoes forgetting to collect money but do mention that we have a sale on some suede boots that she might like.
  2. Another weekly holiday

    That is a holiday I can get into. Does Hallmark make a card for "Eat her to orgasm" week?
  3. False Images..

    It does feel dishonest to use fake photos, but I have never once gotten a Whopper from Burger King that looked like the photo. It appears in business it is not uncommon to use photos of items that may not be the actual item you are purchasing. I would be most disappointed if the photo of the eyes or face was different from the actual lady I might be seeing. What I value most in a person, doesn't show up in photos anyway. If we was a pleasant person who's company I enjoyed, I could overlook the images.
  4. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    Better Call Saul is my can't miss show. Just finished watching Black Sales.
  5. Earning in the sex industry

    Back in the 70's I worked for the Holiday Inn. We would get mainly male travelers who often times ask where they could go to meet women. I would point out the women in the bar that where a sure thing and what their rates where. I made good tips just pointing out which ladies where the local working girls. Many decades ago, before the internet, I work for an upscale hotel as a bellman. It was my job to get the guest settled in. If a guest wanted tube socks with a red strip it was my job to find those for him. If we wanted female company, it was my job to assist (in ways that was legal and wouldn't get the hotel in trouble). We also had a number of female guest, most of who where traveling on business. They would often have request much like the male travelers. If I couldn't assist the guest, I found someone who could. It often times was just drawing them a bath and getting them a drink, a massage, unpacking their bags, rubbing their feet, never more than oral sex. (sometimes it was walking their dog). I never charged, we provided customer service to the guests in hopes of making good tips. At the time, never thought of it as being part of the sex industry but part of the hospitality business. I'm sure things are much different today. I do miss it.
  6. Your Favorite Articles on Sex Work, Skills

    I want to echo the dislike of being called, Hun, Baby, Honey,... dude of any other cute name. It says to me that you don't remember my name, or didn't feel it was important enough to remember it.
  7. Date ideas that are more than just the bedroom

    I very much like this idea but wonder how the rates would work. Would you have predetermined packages with set rates or would the client come up with ideas and present them for a rate quote. Would a half hour at Taco Bell be less expensive than a two order dinner at a 5 star restaurant since the time spend is much less or does the quality of the meal factor into the equation? Would there be a discount in the rate if the date was shopping and purchasing shoes compared to seeing a movie that you have already seen? I like the idea and would be interested in learning more.
  8. On rate haggling.....

    Did the elderly gentleman have an AARP card? I thought I read somewhere it was part of hour benefits.
  9. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    For me the fantasy starts long before we meet. I want to believe that she is looking forward to seeing me, and that she thinks about what outfit to wear. I want to believe that she works another job and a couple of times a day, she thinks about and looks forward to our time together. I want to think that I will make her day better because she is happy to see me. I like to think that maybe she will remember my name. I don't want to think that I'm just another client in a long list of clients, much like waiting at the DMV. A low volume, gal who works another job, adds to that fantasy.... I know, I delusional. The other thread about having a nice dinner and time together is intriguing.
  10. The Nice Guy

    If she was a "nice person" then she was attractive. Beauty comes from within and for someone that takes the time to get to know her as you did, noticed that she was beautiful just not the girl reflected in the images. If you wish to write a review, I would suggest starting with the positive, mention the photos needed to be undated, then finish the review on a positive note. To the right person, someone who is a little more mature in age, and carries a little more cushion she will be his dream date, so there is no need to be negative. Just be honest in a respectful matter that will help both the gal and the future client create that dream come true moment.
  11. Fall in love with client♀️

    It doesn't matter what your profession is. It shouldn't matter if you are the maid or the CEO, you should be treated with dignity and respect. No one should rip you off. The ex was not a gentleman or someone with integrity. A gentleman doesn't steal from anyone and he certainly doesn't steal from someone who put their trust in him. It shouldn't matter how you meet because a gentleman will always be a good man. How you meet doesn't change that. I can see how your profession might cause some issues. We accept people for who they are, or what they do. It doesn't give anyone the right to treat them like crap and to rip them off. I know you probably heard this before, but you are better without him.. because it opens the door for the possibility for a true gentleman who will honor and respect you. Hang in there and please don't let this one jerk ruin it for the one you are meant to be with.
  12. Hotel or Outcall?

    I'm probably living in the land of illusion but having been in the hotel business for many many years, I'm comfortable in a hotel. It has been decades since I was in the hospitality industry but I did work with law enforcement on a few occasions. The police where looking for drug dealers who where using hotels to peddle their wares. I know the hotels don't really like being the location of a sting. They don't want their guest to see police walking people in handcuffs down the hallways or through the lobby. It doesn't make the guest feel safe. The police will probably use the employee entrance. know the hotel doesn't want a few police cars parked in front of the hotel. The first thing guest will say when they walk it is "whats going on?" so they have the police park in the back. A cruse around the back of the hotel will help put my mind at ease. The police wanted two rooms with an adjoining room. At that time they would put cameras hidden in the room service trays that littered the hallways. Today the cameras are so small they might not need to do that. I might be an old dinosaur and no doubt things have changed some, but I feel comfortable in a higher end hotel.
  13. Dinner with client for free?

    Those few occasions when someone wanted to spend time with me just to enjoy my company, without any financial or alternative motives, was one of the biggest complements in my life. In todays world, it seems everyone's working an angle. If she wanted to just talk to me, because she was interested in sharing her thoughts with me, that would be a big complement, but it comes with confusion. I would wonder if it was an awkward first date with goals of something more in the future? Should I expect time alone if I paid for dinner? If I offered to pay for time after dinner would that be disrespectful to her intentions? The entire dinner, my mind would be spinning with questions. For the best dinner together, for me, it would be about communication. If she said "would you like to join me for dinner, some good food, good conversation, a hug after dinner and we go our own ways?", I would be at ease. Now I can focus on remembering my manners, using the right fork, and keeping my elbows off the table... and focus on enjoying a dinner with a beautiful interesting woman.
  14. Providers that complain

    I can look at this two ways. 1. The lady needed someone to talk to, a kind ear. Maybe she doesn't have a lot of friends to talk to and found something in you that put her at ease to where she could open up on a more personal level. Maybe she needed something more than money out of the arrangement, maybe for those few minutes she needed a friend. I would take it as a complaint that she felt a connection to you enough where she should share a bit of her pain. Maybe there are few people in her life that just ask "how is your day" and at that moment she needs that. 2. She is hustling you. You is playing your heartstrings in hopes of getting a better tip. If this case, I respect the game. I've hustled tips and kick backs much of my life. Some of the things I did for that extra dollar are things that I'm not overly proud of. I would respect her game. I some ways I would like to think she is playing me, making it up, because it is easier to deal with than the thought of a child with cancer and a mother who will do anything to get her child the help he or she needs, but either way, I would lend a kind ear, a strong shoulder, a comforting word, and an appropriate tip.
  15. I love intellect!

    I thought about going with the Fonzie "Ayyy!". It is short and to the point. It lets the lady know that I'm cool and a true ladies man. It sends a message of sophistication and a connoisseur of classic tv and all things cultural. Since it is an older show, it lets the young lady know that I'm fine mature gentleman. It is only one word, four letters, but what more needs to be said?