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  1. Hello

    Welcome be safe and enjoy, hope we get to meet sometime! Have fun!
  2. Mel Tillis

    I agree making fun of someone’s disability is poor taste, he did a lot for country music and will be missed
  3. Love SoCal

    You also Alexis, have fun and enjoy 😉
  4. Love SoCal

    You also was a beautiful sunny day here in Colorado!
  5. Its like Yoga....

    Yes fly fishing is a very good possibility 😛
  6. Its like Yoga....

    If you went fishing with me the bikini would definitely be optional and probably not a whole lot of fishing would happen either 😉
  7. Fuckin Broncos...

    Need someone to pm with, been watching the Broncos and feeling very depressed here in Colorado, anyone else watching them get man handeled?
  8. Fuckin Broncos...

    Turned off the tv too depressing, looks like every team has them figured out, time to move on
  9. Love SoCal

    Yes thanks to all that have served and are currently serving, we can never say thanks too much!!!!
  10. Geez, Can't Handle Rejection?

    Cali sorry this happen to you and any of you other girls. It’s too bad we have some guys that treat any of you women like that when your just doing your best to protect yourself and the rest of us. Just keep doing what your doing and continue to be strong and safe!!!!
  11. Love SoCal

    Happy Halloween Cali girl a couple of days early from Colorado!!!
  12. Love SoCal

    Well my TGIF was good but today was a bummer after watching our broncos look bad again, if you have anyway to send a hug from California, I could really use one, hope alls good out there, looks like some rain to help with the fires
  13. Love SoCal

    Well you probably saw it didn’t end well for the broncos, but seeing your pretty face here on the forum helped ease the pain a little, thanks Alexis!
  14. Love SoCal

    Watching the Broncos here in Colorado, so for not looking good , not a fun Sunday here so far
  15. Love SoCal

    Hi Alexis, glad your safe from all the fires out there, really feel sorry for all the people that have lost their homes. Hope they can get it under control soon. I had a great Friday the 13th thanks, and hope it does work for you to visit Colorado sometime, it’s a great state. Take care and stay safe