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  1. Love SoCal

    Watching the Broncos here in Colorado, so for not looking good , not a fun Sunday here so far
  2. Love SoCal

    Hi Alexis, glad your safe from all the fires out there, really feel sorry for all the people that have lost their homes. Hope they can get it under control soon. I had a great Friday the 13th thanks, and hope it does work for you to visit Colorado sometime, it’s a great state. Take care and stay safe
  3. So, What Really Turns You On?

    You hit it on the nose Melissa, I found if you treat her like a lady , and give her a little personal attention, the returns in most cases will be great!
  4. Love SoCal

    I think I saw your in California ? What area are you in are you close to any of the fires going on out there? Looking good here in Colorado, new snow on the mountains and warming to 70’s around here! You should come visit sometime!
  5. These ads asian providers

    Tried one similar in northern Colorado over a year ago, and not even close to the girl in the picture I ended up leaving
  6. Welcome hope you have fun and join the group of fine ladies we have around here!
  7. What do you like to wear in a session?

    I love a short sexy dress with nothing on underneath, one that really shows off the legs, no stockings for me, so I can slowly undress the package, that is a big turn on for me
  8. I am such a Pussy!!

    Chrissy I haven't had the honor of meeting you yet, but I feel with all that has happened in Florida, maybe it's a sign that you should stay here awhile and maybe it's for a reason because something will open up here that could be life changing for you! Don't stress too much over it because most of the time things work themselves in ways we never see coming! Wish you the best!
  9. New to TOB

    Welcome and have fun, your profile shows Seattle or are you in the Denver area?
  10. Role play ideas

    This is one I did with a atf I had awhile back. She was a neighbor that lived behind me and when she dressed early in the morning in front of the mirror she would always have her window blinds open, so I could see her very clearly. I didn't know she saw me watching until one night there was a knock on my door and she was standing there asking to borrow some sugar, I said sure come in. Then she closes the door and locks it, and tells me how she's seen me watching her get dressed and felt she needed to teach me a lesson. Of course this could go in many different directions, but ours was one hot session together, she did an excellent role play ! Details private between us , but a very fun time for both of us!
  11. Tattoos.......

    I don't have any myself , but I don't mind them on a lady as long as they are done in good taste. Have recently seen some very nice tattoos on some very pretty lady's. I still love a woman in her natural beauty the best, but a few small tattoos can ad a little something special sometimes to that beauty! Do what you are the most comfortable with!
  12. For the love of...

    I love the rain, good time to plan a evening or day with a special lady and snuggle up together and just listen to the rain hit the roof or windows and maybe make long and slow passionate love together! No better music than the sound of raindrops

    As a client I agree with you ladies, I read reviews, but just as a general idea on a lady, because I know very session between two people is different in how you interact with each other and what the two of you feel comfortable doing together, that's what's makes each session exciting for me , and of course I always have my favorites that I am comfortable with and we know what each other does or doesn't like, but sometimes a new adventure is fun also. When I do reviews I try to keep the personal details out because I feel that's between her and I, and I like to show that special lady some respect
  14. Fort Collins massage

    I live up in northern Colorado, feel free to pm me for someone
  15. If you could...

    Hawaii is always at the top of my list, like all the islands but Kaui is my favorite! It's so laid back, great beach time , great resorts , great hiking , and great places to eat and drink that are really laid back, always meet a lot of great people there. I think it would be a great place to take someone with me sometime and just experience the real Hawaiian life like it use to be, great place for love and romance!