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  1. RIP Richard Lewis

    He has looked sick for a while, but sorry to see him go.
  2. RIP Carl Weathers

    If he could have just run for Governor…
  3. RIP Joyce Randolph

    Last surviving cast member of The Honeymooners. “Trixie”
  4. RIP David Soul

    “Hutch” will be missed.
  5. Incall vs. Outcall?

    This is true. Despite pointing it out in another thread, I’m now much more used to seeing SW as sex worker as opposed to street walker. However, it does bring to mind a series of encounters from many years ago. There was a street walker that I picked up on Colfax a couple times that took me back to a crib, and another couple one offs that were on the stroll but using that motel at Colorado blvd.
  6. Incall vs. Outcall?

    Wouldn’t that depend on whose car you were in? 🧐😆😘
  7. Sting

    Sounds like car dates aren’t a thing of the past after all…
  8. RIP Andre Braugher

    Yet another great talent we’ve lost this year.
  9. RIP Henry Kissinger

    Since they seem to be on a roll to fill out the Deadpool lists, here’s another. Frankly, if there’s Justice/Karma this dude is smoking a turd in Hell.
  10. RIP Ryan O’Neal

    Not a bad actor, hopefully he found peace.
  11. RIP Norman Lear

    This one is regrettably late: the man’s contributions to our culture are unparalleled.
  12. Specific request

    Any woman stupid enough to answer pay for play questions either over the phone or via email to someone they aren’t sure of, probably shouldn’t be doing this in the first place. As for the one’s smart enough to not answer fool ass questions, they prolly don’t need your business.
  13. Specific request

    I would wager that for this particular ASP, it would be the same as the cost of an appointment; but you already knew that…
  14. Want a better retirement?

    Just a late thread reminder: Regardless of union membership, assets, annual income, and any number of other superficial metrics, we are all headed to the same end which is dead as a fucking door nail(sorta like this thread).
  15. It used to refer to “Street Walkers”…