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  1. Being New Sucks

    I’m sorry, I’m stuck on stupid. I don’t see making a recommendation is a review. He who recommended many ‘no’ may effect his future appointment opportunity.
  2. Being New Sucks

    And how will he do that? Here’s another one I saw a ad stating ‘over 50 reviews’. How misleading is that.
  3. Eccie bites the dust

  4. How long does it take?

    I could be wrong, perhaps she's a paying Provider of Ads. We the people of posting in the forum is not the revenues the 'owner' deem important.
  5. How long does it take?

    I too am on Boink and ParkerCole side on this one. Have you read Funtimes50 (over 130 reviews under his profile) and I quote his review of Sabrina? Description of Session: Guys, check reviews for Katie Creme. This is her, just re branded. Poor attitude. Same girl with same old song. STAY AWAY! Yes, Sabrina Lynn is Katie Creme. Recognized her and walked. This board should be about fact and truth no matter how unfortunate they may be. Keeping that way will protect the integrity of our community for new members Clients and Providers alike.
  6. How old are you guys?

    Old enough to be an Ol' Dirty Bastard
  7. Songs by the dead

  8. Review Bullying

    Bullies, Whites Knights and Trolls that hide behind the keyboards can easily be dismissed or ignore. I had more issues with individuals that deceive or misrepresent themselves in trying to get people to waste their time and money.
  9. Someone that is not wasting my hard earn money.
  10. She came on this thread first and ask the question. And received an answer she wasn't expecting, enough said. It's crazy to me how people play the victim in a situation they created.
  11. Well, damn, I though Wednesday is supposed to be getting over the hump day, I see you're digging a hole. How low can you go? I'm in total agreement that you should be banned for attacking the MOD. More importantly insulting the intelligence of the board members with your lies.
  12. Love