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  1. Describe your cooking

    Moist,delicious, full filing
  2. 411 Gabriellie

    Had the privilege on meeting her several times. She is a doll. She only provides FBSM. And dose not have an incall.
  3. Guidance

    To everyone's advice. Point taken.just think... what if it was you and no idea what to do. We can point fingers and judge. How would you want to be judge. We have to help each other. That's my opinion. We are all human beings. And deserve some kindness from strangers from time to time. Other wise we are just animals. I don't know just me.. thanks to all..
  4. Guidance

    Have a question. I received a call from a provider yesterday that was arrested And I do not know what kind of advice to give. I want to help but I am not sure how too. Can anyone guide me....