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  1. Serious question

    Such an awesome idea!! Actually, this is what my brother in law did for my nephew when he turned 21... they went to Vegas for the weekend and got tattoos together. That was several years ago, and to this day, anyone who asks my nephew about his tattoo gets the full story. That whole trip meant the world to him. No escorts were involved in this weekend trip nephew is gay. Though, I wouldnt be at all surprised if they hit up a strip club lol
  2. Serious question

    I love everything about this... you have every reason in the world to be proud!!!
  3. Serious question

    Its not a matter of morality... do you dad.. indeed. He, as a man, can do whatever he wants that makes him feel good. But his son deserves the same a man to do whatever makes him feel good...not still be under his fathers thumb to bang whatever woman his dad surprises him with for his birthday. The choice of who he sleeps with, and when hes ready for that, should be his. I believe wholeheartedly in sexual freedom... The freedom to do what we want when we want with who we want...not what our parents want us to do, or be with who our parents think is best for us. The very idea of my mother choosing what man I should have sex with runs a cold cold shiver down my spine. Before my sister got married, my mom tried to set her up with a baptist preacher with a jerri curl. My sister still has nightmares about that... Besides...none of this is actually for his son...its for him, it makes him uncomfortable that his son is not having sex...hes uncomfortable with the idea that if his son doesnt get laid he'll end up gay. Its to make him feel better...nothing to do with his son at all.
  4. Questions from a newbie

    Do your research...if she has a website, actually read it. 99% of providers have some form of information in their ad or website on how they want to be contacted and what their screening requirements are. Dont ask graphic incriminating questions. Make a good impression by actually sending all the info to make the date in your include whatever screening info she requires, along with the date, time and duration of the date youd like to make. No need to tell your life story, keep that first contact short and to the point with relevant booking info otherwise she will think you only have a fantasy of booking a date and no real intention to. Above all, be courteous. Even back when I had a "no newbies, must have references" policy... if a guy sent me a courteous email with screening info with date time request upfront and let me know that he did not have references because he was new, I would be inclined to make an exception. Best of luck to you!
  5. Serious question

    Holy cow..hrmm.. okay, as a provider, I would not accept such a date. From a parents point of view, honestly...from everything you describe about your son, he sounds like an amazing young man. And what you are considering, is completely opposite of everything you have done so far to raise such a great guy. My daughter is around the same age, and she and her friends are pretty much exactly as you describe your son and his friends. Though a couple of her friends have dated, getting laid isnt remotely at the top of their list. I remember when I was in hs, it was a huge deal to not be a virgin. Even so, amongst my little group of friends, we were more focused on our futures. Those of us who did (well, except for one lol) only wen that far because we wanted our first everything to be with someone special who we loved...ahhh the innocence, optimism and romance of being young!!! And you want to take that away from him?? Because it makes you uncomfortable? As for the getting tripped up and accidentally ending up gay...I cant even address that lol Parenting is about raising your kids to be functional adults who you an let out into the world capable of making choices for themselves. It really sounds like hes a great kid, take the reigns off, have some faith in what you have taught him over the past 21 years that he has the common sense do something as basic a human function as have sex without you stepping in to show him how its done. I totally agrree with it that its an insult..both to his intelligence and to his manhood to assume he needs you to do this for him. You are no longer in control of his life...time to let go. For real...
  6. Quick etiquette question

    My precious toys!!!!! How did you find them?!!
  7. All CC Accepted...

    I started looking into bitcoin and set up my wallet. Im not yet ready, mentally, to accept it for my rate, but I would accept it for a deposit or to extend a date. I love everything about it except for that its not widespread enough to be able to use without having to covert it to cash. However, I can use bitcoin to pay for travel, such as plane tickets and hotels, and there are a couple restaurants here that accept Bitcoin as payment, so if I got bitcoin payment, its not like Im stuck...Id be able to spend it without having to convert it to cash. Now, if Amazon started accepting bitcoin, that would be fantastic...and if there was a way I could pay my rent and bills with bitcoin, then it would be a no brainer. As we move towards a cashless society, I do think that bitcoin is going to play a major role as the only suitable replacement for cash transactions.
  8. Quick etiquette question

    I wouldve asked the Mrs to take it over...just that, coming from a woman would be a lot less embarrassing all around. Up until recently, I had two drawers in my dresser of every sex toy I ever owned....even though some were broken or I just never would use them anymore...but I couldnt bear to part with them!!! My ex would joke, if I dont throw them way and I become famous, if anyone finds them, the only thing I would be remembered for is my vibrator and dildo collection. Finally, when I did my last move, I put them all in a box and threw them away. I was so sad ...heartbroken just thinking about it now lol *sigh*
  9. Asking a provider to be a reference

    You are not kidding!!! Every time I venture out to the west coast, I carry around a bottle of lotion, chapstick, and drink so much water Im pretty sure Ill burst and float away lol But Ill tell you what, if I style up my hair, it doesnt frizz up at all...and that alone kinda makes dealing with the arid climate all worth it hehe!
  10. Traveling woes?

    Thank you so so much for all that info Lucy!!!! Okay, that really helps me out a lot perspective worries, you dont sound like you are bragging at all lol I love hearing that another lady is doing well with something, cause that helps me to fully realize the possibilities I know Bellvue as the place Id go to for dinner whenever I was in Seattle...there are some great places all around there and I loved the area, and Ive only ever stayed downtown, so just from what Ive seen, I can see how how those would be great areas to tour in. Eeep! Excited!!! Yes, when it comes to touring, I have many times also seen guys who came to my city for work, and we have even by chance been in a completely different city at the same time to be able to see each other. So for guys who also travel, being able to see a touring lady isnt always a one off thing. Also, if I were to find a city that was *very* good to me, Id make it a point to visit several times a year. I still have so many places on my to do list, so still exploring to see what cities I do better in and should travel to more.
  11. Asking a provider to be a reference

    I love how you slipped that in there hahaha!!!! Yeah, when I heard of all the snowstorms and crazy weather going on right now, i pretty much decided to stay put and havnt thought of venturing out right now. But...its in the 80s there now? hrmmm!!
  12. Traveling woes?

    Yeah, thats the thing that sucks about living in SoFla....if I were to drive north for 10 hours Id be in Georga. or Alabama. So to get anywhere from here I have to plan a trip to get there and flights in and out of Miami are expensive. Actually I am super jealous of ladies who can within a couple hours drive or a short cheap flight be in a totally different state. If I could do that, Id tour way more would so be like me to say meh, I think Ill head to VA for the weekend without having to plan and budget for it. That would be awesome lol I do agree with you, that sticking around near an airport or out in the burbs just cause hotels are cheaper there are the worst. Its no point of you're not in a central, convenient to get to location. Yeah, everything you are saying about CO is exactly what Ive heard. But...Im bullheaded lol I will find myself there still, for sure. Not to get too far off track...but Seattle is good for you?! I want to go there so, so badly but I heard thats not such a great place either. But I want to go so badly!!! Its my favorite city...and yeah, between Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks..Im surprised ladies have a hard time there!!!
  13. P411, Reviews & References Oh My!

    Everyone screens in their own way..with whatever makes them feel most no worries at all what anyone thinks of you or what to think of anyone else for what the it references, what info, what site they are on, etc... because we all have our methods that keep us safe. The same goes for guys too...I find that most guys who have contacted me, didnt just take it at face value that Im on P411 as a level of trust...they looked around to see where else I advertised, checked out my website, looked for reviews, forums, etc. Everyone is doing however much, or however little they need to do. So your equations of how providers see clients and vice versa are def not true of the majority. For P411, yeah they just want to make sure you are a legit provider...being reviewed is great, they also look at other things too..your ads, your community presence etc. They do not require our ID to join. I do know back when I first started, they held off on my application til I got my first review. I do like P411, and though Im not a big references person, I will accept them as part of my screening. Now....because I try to be as involved as possible, and am on several different forums nationwide, plus in providers communities, I have gotten to know ladies from all over. And its *definitely* awesome when a guy has a reference and I happen to know who she is. Of course Id trust her word, shes not a stranger to me...those are my fav types of references. But if shes a total stranger, it doesnt mean that much at all. So many variables. I will say of P411 though, it is rare that a guy who contacts me from there doesnt pass my screening plus all but one guy has been a great when I do get a date request from there, its almost a given the date will happen.
  14. Asking a provider to be a reference

    I dcont know...Im a straightforward type of person, and I think like most (well..hopefully most) ladies, I dont feel like i now own you now that we've seen each other lol All it takes is, after the date is done, as you say your goodbyes, ask btw, would be okay if I can use you as a reference sometime soon? She'll either say sure, or she'll say she doesnt do references. But yeah, you dont need to...shouldnt need to feel like you have to bribe her with a tip, reviews, etc etc blah blah just to find out if she will be a reference for you. Tip her because you feel like she was awesome, review her if youd like to share, but not for a reference. Just ask. Btw, ask her if she even wants reviews...more ladies nowadays are steering clear of them.
  15. Traveling woes?

    Oh Lucy! Wild.. I have the opposite experience! I love traveling to smaller cities... feels to me that the bigger cities have so many touring providers coming through, plus a huge stash of their own, that yet another provider isnt too big of a deal. While, when I visit smaller or at the least, not as popular to tour places...they are like OMG someone is touring here!!! YAY lol!!! This year though, I do want to finally hit up the really big cities everyone else goes to all the time, all the old standards...NYC, DC, NOVA and though Ive been to Boston, Ill give it another go too. East coast is easier for me, but the midwesterners are quite friendly. I would love to come to CO... and Ill admit, am kind of nervous because I have heard its not the best place to tour to..that guys arent all that welcoming to touring providers. But I visited Denver once for business, and have always wanted to come back because I thought it was beautiful and want to be able to see more of it. I figure a tour is a good excuse...if it does turn out to be bad, then all is not least I got to come back...but if the guys are welcoming, then even better, cause Ill have a reason to keep coming back. For all my tours, I put out feelers a month, then a couple weeks ahead of time. Then, within 2 week time frame advertise everywhere that I will be a guy has at least a month, sometimes more, to prepare himself with plenty reminders right up til Im there. Some cities just suck for prebook, they wait til you get there...Other cities, guys want to make very sure they can see you and will prebook right away. The market is just different everywhere.