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  1. 411 on Blondefantasy

    Yeah I saw that. She has a lot of good reviews on TER. So who knows.
  2. 411 on Blondefantasy

    Amber blonde fantasy Colorado Escort She has few reviews all of them where no-show. Just wanted to see if anyone has seen her.
  3. Pornstar

    If I tell you her name you might not know her but if I show you a picture you’ve probably seen her
  4. Pornstar

    If I tell you her name you might not know her but if I show you a picture you’ve probably seen her
  5. Pornstar

    Hey everyone, i was just curious to see if anyone has had an encounter with a pornstar and how does one go about booking one? Are there any here in Denver? Thanks!
  6. Greek.... I don't get it.

    So I just tried Greek for the first time. Not a fan.
  7. 411 or tgtbt

    I can’t do it on my phone
  8. 411 or tgtbt

    Rubytel 530-715-9546 Colorado Escort Any info or to good to be true?
  9. I have seen on the reviews that a lot of providers offer bbbj. I was just wondering about the chances of contracting a STI/STD. I must admit that I have received bbbj from providers. And I haven’t contracted anything but sometimes when I’m thinking with my big head I get to wonder how safe is that. I would love to hear from gentleman and providers. Thank you!
  10. Significant Others

    Thank you!
  11. Significant Others

    I was just wondering I never said you have to say anything. I was asking providers/clients if they were comfortable sharing.
  12. Significant Others

    Yesterday I read a thread here about things people love or hate to hear. Some one said they hate to hear about there SO. so I started wondering if a lot of providers have SO. I would guess a lot of clients also have SO. I would like to hear, if it is appropriate, how your SO handles the hobby or if they just don’t know( I don’t think you could hide it from them) thanks hope to to hear some answers.
  13. To Good for backpages?

    Hello everyone, I am some one new to the hobby. But my first encounter with a provider was through back pages. I didn’t know what I was looking for or what to expect. But there are some really pretty looking girls in BP that seem to be real. (You can kinda tell the fake pics from the real ones IMO). Why do you think pretty girls use BP instead of other ways to advertise? And good experience using BP? I’m curious to hear from you guys
  14. MSOG

    I'm kinda new to the hobby. So I get really nervous and pop quick the first time. I usually schedule a hour long appointment but it seems like some providers don't do msog. What are your guys opinion on this? Thank you!