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  1. Happy 4th Holiday Everyone

    To All the beautiful providers and fellow hobbyists, Be safe and everyone have fun and memorable 4th of July celebrations. Roland. P.S. Cherries this moment with your love ones and favorite ATF.
  2. The difference

    BBW- has many different varies: 1- woman with large booty, chest and body frame. 2- ladies with large booty and thick frame. 3- ladies with NATURAL large chest with large frame. Curvy ladies: This ladies who have little extra plump in the booty or little bit bigger in the chest. They are considered the lower end of the BBW community.
  3. For the Ladies

    To ladies, I think some hobbyist like to chat it up to built up some type courage for newbie. For other hobbyist I think it way for them to built connections. And for myself, I have been told I’m a chatty bug and I need to shut the hell up with new providers who don’t know me. And I will scare them off. A lot of love this Memorial Day.
  4. Memorial weekend

    To The TOB Ladies, Be safe and have fun this memorial weekend. Hope all goes good well for all; hobbyists and providers. To my fellow Veterans providers and hobbyists let’s think of ours past and current brothers and sisters that made the ultimate sacrifice. “Give them one hell of last ride in his or her memory!” mic drop. 5x OIF VETERAN
  5. Happy Mothers Day

    To Ladies, Happy Mother's Day
  6. Darling Devin?

    Yes. I have seen this provider twice. Strongly recommended.
  7. Current environment: NS & Persnickety providers.

    Sorry, for anything and everything that I done to you. Sorry for hurting you, was never my intention. Please, stop it. Thanks
  8. Current environment: NS & Persnickety providers.

    Admiral watch your rear before my archers reach your destination. OIF Vet
  9. To NS & persnickety providers, In this current environment of Sites going down. Maybe you can reflect how you treat each other. Maybe providers need to rethinks how they dismiss clients or members for minor infractions. NS will soon discover and valve the worth of respect of providers. Good luck and good night: Lucy and Liz on your reflection.
  10. 411 on Amazing Amy

    Amazing Amy Here4U 720-295-4881 Colorado Escort Has anyone seen Amazing Amy Here4U lately? Has she update her info from last visit. Below is info that was on her profile. Denver (720) 295-4881.
  11. Providers/Hobbyists

    Hobbyists/Providers: What are you thankfully this year? What have each other mean for us? Tell provider/client thanks for spending special time together. P.S. Providers (season or rookie) thank you for spending alittle time with us and bighting up our day.
  12. Questions

    To All, 1) if client is late or has to R/S their session due to personel issues it is very big issue for providers who then write negative feedback or threat to blacklist. But WHY is it alright for providers to agree to appointment then NO SHOW or delaying her arrival and client has to understanding and put on smile face? 2) if client has ask about the other day rate and then ask about that rate, they get accuse of haggling by the providers? This providers expect us to know the up to date newest AD with rate but we are expected understand they are business people who can not check their PM, texts or voicemails every minute of the day. Please explain that logical. 3) A provider sent a text stated " you have not reply back and not serious and I will delete and block your number.". This was day that there was snow storm coming thru the metro area. But if client on clear and beautiful day text, PM or call more then twice then the client is playing games, not serious or wasting their time. P.S. To all the white knights ready ride in to save the day, please do not waste your energy.
  13. Military and Veteran friendly providers

    From Mr Entitlement: Let me clearly state for hearing impaired who are stuck in the forest with their bed mate Mr. Owl. 1) military person tell other military or veteran about a provider who is real and not a flake. so in turn the provider benefits for having small community who trust each other. 2) non friendly aka BP providers or fakes who waste mine or others time and resources. I hope you and your lovely bed mate Mr. Owl have great evening together. I'm riding into sun set with nice owl feather in my cowboy hat. Peace
  14. Military and Veteran friendly providers

    From Mr Entitlement, Before you open your mouth and talk out of your ass it was thank you letter. And surprise, there are providers who scam or NS clients. Before you speak about discount get the facts or info correct. And you can take your owl and puck off. Peace
  15. Vivian Rose 411

    She is scam, take your money and then play stupid and ask for you go to the ATM. Beware.