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  1. The Road Not Taken

    So should we call these ladies Forks now?
  2. Sorry to say it Lexie but in the world of PHD's real life experience, hands-on knowledge of the field and street smarts mean nothing. The only things that counts is if you can make it through the 8-10 year grind to get a PHD, how much you racked up in student loans and whether you can pass a bunch of tests based on theoretical knowledge. Whether you actually know something about the field is irrelevant. I must say though I have been with shrinks and psychologists and escorts. And the escorts have helped me far better getting through life's issues than any of the "professionals." And many of you ladies have far more empathy and less BS going on. And given that counseling isn't much cheaper than an escort I'll take the escort any day. Not only can you let your hair down with her but you also get to play. Base on that its a bargain! Do you think there's a way we can get Obama care to cover escort consultations?
  3. Welcome aboard Lexie! Good choice. And you'll get to be a sex educator and counselor without the degree and the student loans and, if you do it right, make double what you'd get.
  4. New here but not new

    Welcome! Sounds like you'll fit in just fine here.
  5. Am I paranoid or just stupd?

    I almost sent her a pic of a 12" big AA dick but thought I might scare the hell out of her.
  6. Am I paranoid or just stupd?

    I actually did get a request from a young lady (late teens I think) last year who, when she found out I was in my early 60's, wanted to know if "it" was old and wrinkly. When I told her no she asked if I would send a pic. I politely declined.
  7. A survey for the gentlemen, hypothetical setup...

    Historically speaking, almost all great inventions and new ideas occurred to 2 or more people at the same period in time and were developed simultaneously. The first one to market was the winner. So here we have 3 different people coming up with the same idea at once. Sounds like an idea that the universe has declared should be enacted and its time has come. Perhaps one of the RV companies should design an 'escort special' model with furnishings and amenities unique to the trade.
  8. Credit cards

    I remember that Franklin, at the age of around 78 when a young lady sat on his lap said, "Oh to be 70 again!" Sweet I've got at least 10 more years to follow his fine example. What a great patriot. Heck if he were alive today he'd probably negotiate with congress to legalize escorting.
  9. A survey for the gentlemen, hypothetical setup...

    This idea has merit it but It would depend on where it was set up. In a residential area the neighbors might be suspicious since usually RVs aren't set up at homes or on the street unless some traveling in laws or friends come by and stay. (Remember Randy Quaid in Xmas Vacation). If you were in an RV park the management might get suspicious at all the visitors ("Henry I tell you she's either got a lot of in laws or boyfriends or she's a ------ " gasp! Then Henry says he'll go check it out and doesn't come back for an hour and then comes back with a shit eating grin on his face and reports that they're all her best buds and he just became a one too.) But what if you had a driver and you drove up to the clients house or hotel, they jump in and then the driver takes off while you play in the back? You could play Steppenwolfs Magic Carpet Ride in the background. Gas could get pretty expensive Plus paying the driver. As long as the driver obeys the law the cops would leave you alone (could be a funny police chase video though - breaking news! cops chase hooker in RV). Oh yeah, don't forget Walmart lets you set up for free overnight. And nobody would suspect anything although you might need to bribe the security guy in his little pick up truck with the red light on top. [snip] (hope that line doesn't get me busted by the mods). I was actually talking about this idea with another provider recently but we were mostly joking around - thinking of names for the RV; roaming around neighborhoods playing tinny music like the ice cream trucks only it would be stripper music - "here comes the dancers one by one..." And "my angel is a centerfold". You could even play Stevie Ray Vaughs If the House is a Rockin' don't bother knockin' just change the next line to "Don't bother coming in..." (Wait your turn outside by the porta-a-John). Trystin, sorry if Im making light of your serious inquiry - I do really think this has some potential it just needs some input and brainstorming from all the other members.
  10. How about a forum for.......

    Stalk, stock, whatever. All I know is it gets bigger and increases in value. And the ROI is outstanding!

    No problem. Deputy Dawg is saddling up now and headed your way. He'll hand cuff and gag you and throw you across his horse and hall your ass back to CO. Resistance is futile!
  12. A Town Named Dildo

    I'm not kidding - go here:
  13. Do a review and she gets too busy to see you

    I'll agree that a lady doesn't owe you anything for writing a review no more than you owe her one. And writing a review does not entitle you to ownership or special treatment. I write reviews to both help a lady out and to help other hobbiests find a lady and don't necessarily expect better treatment but it is good business practice to show appreciation for those who helped you succeed along the way (and escorting is a business, is it not?). I have a successful business in large part because of good reviews and referrals from past clients. Technically I owe them nothing but I always try to show my appreciation with, at the very least, a simple thank you (I've had escorts not even do that) and, in some cases, where the client lead me to a big contract, I gave them a gift certificate or did something for free or reduced price for them. Now I'm not saying that a lady has to do anything but a little gratitude goes a long way when you're building a business. I once had a lady who extended our next session by 15 minutes no charge as a way of saying thanks. Another cut her donation by 20 and one gave me a whole hour for free. She said she got an overnighter because of my review and wanted to do that to thank me. Most have just said thanks. All of them did this voluntarily without any coercion from me. And in most cases I've seen these ladies again, not because of the quid pro quo, but because I enjoyed being with them and perhaps their thankful attitude is part of what attracts me to them.

    Yeah, I was just thinking that myself. The fact that she is not here in Colorado is interfering with our right to pursue happiness! Maybe we should petition for extradition on the grounds that not being here is screwing with our rights. That's a felony, right?
  15. Newbie looking for Info

    ...and then you die.
  16. How about a forum for.......

    That makes more sense - I figured you knew about the search system but just in case. I'm in Colorado Springs and everything is 30 minutes away here so I don't need that kind of option but in Denver it makes a lot of sense. You'd think with all the money we shell out for this website they could provide that feature! As to stock, Everytime I get on here my stock goes straight up.
  17. Traffic cam - no not highways

    The book is MUCH better than the movie.
  18. How about a forum for.......

    It's at the top of the reviews and ads search box at the top. You have to hit the blue Change button (see first pic below) and you get the second box below and pick your state and city, then hit select and go thru the other criteria or go straight to the bottom and click search. Simple! "I just bought stock!"
  19. Do a review and she gets too busy to see you

    You're right Flyfisher, that's a tough call. Not sure there's a good answer. Generally, I've found that most of the girls make time for me but there have been a few that became too hard to book.
  20. Traffic cam - no not highways

    Hell, pretty soon they'll have cameras on the hotel TVs and Big Brother will be watching you. Hopefully this is a data base that never gets off the ground. Odds are pretty good it won't work if they're relying on volunteers to submit the photos. But if the do-gooders in Congress get on their good-intentions-bandwagon theyll require all hotels to submit pics of every hotel In the country (how many is that? In the millions I would guess). Half the restrictions on our freedoms have been enacted under the banner of 'save the children.' I'm definitely voting libertarian this time.
  21. 411 on Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Thanks Gr8owl, I thought she had a review on here somewhere. With so many other fine reviewed girls available Why take a chance?
  22. Fantasy -- One Week Getaway

    I definitely agree. Early on in my hobbying I took a favorite lady on a 3 day business trip with me and paid her for her time up front? She was so excited about getting a vacation I was thinking "wow this will be a great trip!" I didn't realize that it would be an all expense paid vacation on my dime with no quid pro quo. As soon as we got to the hotel room she went out and got a hold of some drugs that basically put her in a semi-comatose state for the whole time ("I really just needed to relax, babe") Didn't see much action since she spent most of her time sleeping. She apologized on the flight back but by then it was a just a waste of time and money. I've been much more careful since and by paying daily things have gone much better.
  23. The trumpble with tribbles

    Actually, if you check out the pictures of Trump rallies you'll notice that most of the attendees are wearing Trump hats, toupees or wigs that were handed out free at the door. Once you put one on you become a Trump-zombie and do whatever he tells you. That's how he got all those votes. The only possible argument for electing Trump is he is a pragmatist and he might just lobby to legalize escorting (Gary Johnson might do the same). After all think of the taxable income he could tap. And he could then start his own line of Trump Girls. Hell he could even start a show from the Oval Office (he might shorten the name to the O-office) called Escort Apprentice or Hobby Apprentice. Of course If Hillary wins and she sees the light she could do a show called Bitches of the Oval Office but it would probably be lesbian only (the pilot would feature her with Elizabeth Warren and Rosy O'Donnell). Of course to keep Bill occupied he could do a spin off like Interns in the Lincoln Bedroom, Trailer Trash Cums to Washington, or Ultimate Bimbos of the Beltway.
  24. 411 on Satisfaction Guaranteed

    This girl - at least her pictures - has been on the CS BP ads for about a year on and off. The phone number only has one hit so either someone stole her pics or the lady has changed phone numbers. I don't think the girl in the pics was ever reviewed (otherwise I would have probably seen her since she looks pretty hot). The Companions Review site is bogus - it just mirrors BP and then when you hit the link it opens another link to a bogus dating site. Only legit review sites in this region that I know of are TOB, ECCIE, Date-check and TER. Or you can find verified ladies at P411. Since you're new, take the advice of the veterans on here, and only see ladies with reviews, ladies who post in these chat rooms or who advertise in serious escort sites like TOB, P411, etc. There are still some gems to be found on BP (since that is where most girls start) but the scams have multiplied exponentially on there over the last year and figuring out which ones to see can be tricky. Meanwhile, there are thousands of legit reviews here on TOB and there's someone for every taste. PM me if you like for more info. Of course you can be daring and TOFTT. If you do be sure to post a review. Happy hobbying!
  25. It's the old 80/20 rule. I. In escorting, 20% of the ladies are the cream of the crop and the other 80% are just taking up space and wasting time. There are MANY very fine ladies out there but you won't find many of them on BP (although there are still some fine ladies - both veteran and newbies - on there, you just have to do your homework). In my experience, Hobbying is just like playing the stock market; if you're a day trader odds are you'll lose your money but if you do your homework you can find the stocks that pay off big time.