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  1. FBSM- THE 411

    Based on her website she looks very legit. As to the reviews 2 of the guys have been members for over a year so they are probably legit. It would be quite a bit of work to conspire to have 4 phony reviews and she doesn't sound like the kind of lady who would try to orchestrate something like that. I'd roll the dice if I were you. Worst case is you get a bad massage and are out some cash. Many of us have done so with no reviews or verification, just our gut and it usually works out fine (or better). Have fun!
  2. Where are providers desired most in Colorado?

    Every area on this side of the Rockies has seen an explosion in the number of escorts (in quantity for sure but questionable on the quality). Seems like COS has over 100 girls a day posting on BP whereas a few years ago it was 20 or so. I suspect a lot of girls are traveling thru for the pit. And Several of the regular ladies down here have complained about a drop in business and lower rates. Anyway, we'd love to see you down here. PM me for more info. I was up in B-ridge area this weekend and there is very little competition up there right now so you might want to give that a try. That area has always been underserved.
  3. Ladies On western slope Breckenridge

    LOL! Actually, I've taken two and both turned out real well.
  4. Ladies On western slope Breckenridge

    Hey gang, I'm heading up to the mountains for the weekend by myself staying at a condo in Frisco and am wondering if anyone knows of any ladies up there other than the few that have ads on here. Most of the BP ads look fake or have no reviews. Out call to my condo. Looking to do dinner and a couple hours of fun Saturday. Any of you ladies want to come up? PM me.
  5. For a lot of us hobbiest hanging out with a provider is about a lot more than sex. I realize this question has been broached in many posts but I just came across a book that gives some scientific clarity to the motivation of many of us, myself included. Here's the summary of the hook and the link. Thoughts? Research shows that people cannot reach their full potential unless they are in healthy connection with others. Dr. Amy Banks teaches us how to rewire our brains for healthier relationships and happier, more fulfilling lives.We all experience moments when we feel isolated and alone. A 2006 Purdue University study found that twenty-five percent of Americans cannot name a single person they feel close to. Yet every single one of us is hardwired for close relationships. The key to more satisfying relationships—be it with a significant other, a family member, or a colleague—is to strengthen the neural pathways in our brains that encourage closeness and connection. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Banks give us a road map for developing the four distinct neural pathways in the brain that underlie the four most important ingredients for close relationships: calmness, acceptance, emotional resonance, and energy. Wired to Connect gives you the tools you need to strengthen the parts of your brain that encourage connection and to heal the neural damage that disconnection can cause.
  6. Double expresso

    If this catches on look for Starbucks to do a spin off and name it... you can do that math. Barista is the Italian word for one who serves coffee. Pompino ( is Italian for blow job. So, what will we call theses ladies, and presumably men, pompistas?
  7. Strangest experience, provider, client you've had?

    Maybe he should change his name to Safety. As careful as he is he doesn't need any luck. As for you, too bad he didn't repeat weekly. Did he give you a review? Or did he review himself?
  8. Strangest experience, provider, client you've had?

    LMAO! I assume he was being sarcastic about the safe sex right? And jerking yourself off with a condom on? I know, Different strokes for different folks but that is just plain weird. Was he OCD too because the one benefit is the ease of cleaning up. And then he just wanted to watch you rub your tits? Geez girl if I was within 15 feet of you it wouldnt take me but a second to cross the room and you wouldn't be the one rubbing your fine tits. 🙃 👋🏻
  9. I mentioned this in a different thread and thought I'd bring it up in its own thread in case some of you were not aware. BP has the 4 catagories - Top, Gallery, Video and Date. Date has a lot of ladies that won't show up in the other categories because they didn't pay the fee to upgrade their ads. So, if you just search the first 3 then you'll be missing out on other ladies. Unfortunately, you'll have to open each one individually which is a pain but it's better and easier than driving around a red light district looking for a street hooker! Also, there are some ladies who post under All Adult Entertainment (under the drop down menu) that won't show up under the Escort search so you can try that, too (although then you have to deal with the phone sites and other scam ads).
  10. References

    Also keep in mind that his review may have been rejected. Of course he could PM her and let her know that, but just sayin. Also, I recently tried to put up a review for someone but she doesn't use her name or phone in her ads so TOB wouldn't let me. When I texted her to get permission to use one of those she never answered me even though I sent it 3 times. Not saying you screwed up Sabrina, just looking at all the angles.
  11. Does anybody know where pulls it ads from? A lot of them are mirrored from BP but there are others that I can't figure out where they are from. It's not a site you can post an ad on. It's a front to get people to go to when you click the side bar ads but the ads are for the most part legit. If the lady has reviews they take you to TER. Many times there are are ads I don't see anywhere else and are for ladies that aren't on BP and the usual places. It's actually a lot easier to navigate than BP but is usually about a day behind on the ads. Also, it gathers all the pics and ads a girl has put up all the way back to the Stone Age.
  12. 411 on Summer COS

    Yeah I'm working on the first encyclopedia of prostitution. It will do for the world of escorting what Funk and Wagnals did for the English language. 🙃
  13. 411 on Summer COS

    Heck no, they're one of Amazons top sellers! And we know that they work because if they didn't Obama would put the company in jail for false advertising. Rumor is they even will see thru BP ads so you can tell if the escort is legit or a scam.
  14. 411 on Summer COS

    You need to wear X-ray glasses to see it clearly. If you don't have them order them here
  15. Best Impressions

    I like when we both remove our clothes slowly as opposed to the lady who greets you at the door in a sexy outfit but yanks it all off quickly. Its much more erotic and seductive if she is not rushing. I also like to be greeted by a lady who is dressed in a tight fitting dress or blue jeans and a tee shirt with no bra.
  16. Yes, twice, but while the sessions ended up well I still wouldn't repeat with the ladies because it seemed like the same bad issue would potentially come up again. "You don't get a second chance at a first impression."
  17. I just checked and under "Top" on BP in COS there are 42 ads. Under "Date" there are 27 more for a total of 69. It's like a standard buffet versus a super buffet.
  18. Ever feel like you made the wrong choice?

    Would that mean that the new definition of insanity is seeing the same provider twice and expecting different results?
  19. Strangest experience, provider, client you've had?

    LOL and yuck. Was the goldfish in the bowl? Alive?
  20. Hello TOB!

    Welcome Cheeseball. As to the ladies visiting strip clubs chances are most would be if you bring enough roses along.
  21. Strangest experience, provider, client you've had?

    ...My first time with an escort I walk into her messy apartment with 6 one week old puppies crawling around on the floor under our feet. She pulls up her tee shirt exposing a boob and barks in an authoritarian tone, "suck on my boob so I know you're not a cop!" Talk about seduction - NOT. It went downhill from there. ...Then there was the time I went to see a new lady and when I walk in she is trembling. I ask her if she's ok and she says, "Yes, I just have MS and shake most of the time." She wasn't kidding. It was awkward at that point until she explained that escorting was the only job she could do at this point. So I hung around, partly out of sympathy and partly because I'd already plunked down the donation. Interestingly she turned out to be one very horny lady and we had a lot of fun. Once I could see past the shaking I discovered a very cool lady. ...And, I don't know if you call this one strange but it certainly is rare: I connected with a lady in Vegas on BP. She advertised as a 37 MILF and In her pictures she looked like a lady of that age - a little worn around the edges but still good on the eyes. I arranged to meet her in the bar. I'm sitting there and I see this knock down gorgeous goddess walk into the bar and think to myself, 'wow, wish that was her.' To my happy surprise she walks up to me and takes the seat next to me and says, "Hi, I'm Nikki. Are you Dave?" I about spilled my drink - she was about 23 and was porn star hot. I said "but you are much younger than your pictures!" She replies, "I have found that the best quality and generous men typically go after the 30 to 40 year olds." This was serious bait and switch of the good kind. Now I've become a bumbling idiot and I slide the 200 donation in an envelope. I buy her a drink and then hand her another 100 because I've lost my mind drooling over her. We then proceed up to the room where we get started but she very quickly indicates that for 300 all I'm getting is a HJ with her topless. She suggests I might want to run down to an atm and get another grand if I want FS. Fortunately I didn't have that kind of dough or I probably would have done as instructed. So, she finishes me off and gives me a kiss goodbye. Next day I wrote a review giving her 5 stars. We men can be so gullible.
  22. Juarez Mexico

    Be sure and buy some pennicilin when you get there. And don't drink the water.
  23. I think this explains why one lady will say she gets lots of calls from BP and the next says she hardly gets any. It's the old rule: location, location, location (of the ads in this case).
  24. But how else we will find the next diamond in the rough? And how would the newbies learn what not to do without BP?
  25. What's Your Opinion?

    LMAO dude! Thanks. Good start to the day. In reading through this thread i think one could sum it up this way, borrowing from Donald Rumsfeld's famous "known knowns" quote: "There are covered covers, uncovered covers, covered uncovereds, and uncovered uncovereds."