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  1. Do All You Can!!!

    I think it has been cancelled due to lack of interest although since there has been so little interest in the apocalypse recently nobody seems to know exactly where the cancellation notice was posted. So, until the cancellation notice is officially uncovered (I.e. Not fake news) you should assume the apocalypse is imminent and immediately bend down, put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. Or if there is a fine lady or John there with you then assume the 69 position and kiss their ass goodbye and vice versa.
  2. Ok I'll bite... Bare Back Jiggle During Coitus That Keeps You Fucking
  3. VeroVeroCam01 (970)301-8523 Colorado Escort This lady advertises here on TOB but has no reviews and I can't find anything anywhere else other on her but she looks and sounds intriguing. Anybody out there have more info? Post here or PM me if you have info. Thanks!
  4. Seems to me the trick Is hitting the balance between an egotistical jock boasting in the locker room (compensating for lack of size etc) and a wall flower scared to say anything lest they offend. So, as usual in most things, the middle ground is probably best sans the cliches (although I'll take a cliche over no info). I'd prefer the general details, skip the blow-by-blow and handle details in a PM. When a guy says 'treat her well' he's being a decent guy which I won't condemn although his exhortation won't change how I handle a lady (I treat them like they are lucky I picked them and, if they are honest, they should be paying me for the pleasure, but that's another topic for another day )
  5. VeroVeroCam01 411 Colo Spgs

    Kudos to Lonely1 and Realtor1 for TOFTT! Thanks guys. Too bad it's 50/50 but she sounds like a lot of fun but might be best to do incall not outcall. Her flakiness was corroborated by a fellow hobbiest who PM'd me about trying to see her in Denver but couldn't because she was flaky in communicating and planning. Still tempted though...
  6. Kickstarter fund for TOFTT

    A hobby-specific policy would be just fine as long as it provides free condoms, Viagra with no copay and free semiannual STD testing. An optional rider could provide medical prosthetics and procedure such as strapons, breast and penis enhancements (or reductions if desired) , etc. covers Viagra with no copay
  7. One of our fellow hobbiests PM'd encouraging me to TOFTT ("take one for the team" for you newbies) with a girl we were both interested in but who has no reviews yet. I suggested that we set up a Kickstarter fund to pay for it and I'd be glad to. After all, half the issue with trying out a new lady is the potential financial risk. I figure all of you could kick in a few bucks and soon we'd have plenty for me to test out a bunch of ladies. I'd be more than glad to take the risks so you guys don't have to. Maybe even we could get the new girls without reviews to kick in some too and then I'd try them out. Sounds like a great plan to me. Whatdya' all think?
  8. I'm up to no good

    Probably best to freeze them - that's natures Viagra for bananas
  9. I'm up to no good

    I think the answer is obvious...
  10. The best Italian food!!

    Melissa, Thanks, I will have to try it . I think you should let the owners know you gave them a rave review on TOB so they can post a link in their menus and ads. 😉 Have you ever tried Fratelli's here in Co Spgs on Nevada one block south of Acacia Park? outstanding seduction food also. Medallions of veal will melt in your mouth and their Lemoncella Martini's are to die for.
  11. I don't know about the rest of you but I sure as heck don't want to be using a CC for this hobby. Too much risk all the way around. And Weasel is right, envelopes are out, save a tree and just lay the cash on the dresser, preferably spread out so the lady can scan It from afar and know she is getting an appropriate donation.
  12. Hello there!

    Welcome aboard Camilla. Question - I noticed the $50 bills discreetly placed on your anatomy. Do you do a BOGO deal on those or are they fifty each?
  13. Kickstarter fund for TOFTT

    Thanks Laci! That should be good for a few weeks I think. Little Johnny is already singing, "That's amorè!" So many women so little time... Now a question for you fine ladies on the board of directors, we need to come up with a term for those of us Guinea pigs who will put our .... on the line. I thought of TOFTs or CTD's (Crash Test Dummies) but I'd love to hear your suggestions. ,
  14. Kickstarter fund for TOFTT

    You're right, broadcasting has some legal issues but, heck, we are talking bout escorting here which is in the legal grey zone to start. I've noticed there are a lot more ladies trying escorting and I read somewhere that after the government shut down BP adult section the volume of new escort ads in the relationship section increased by around 40%. It's just like Prohibition. Make something illegal and then make a big deal about it and pretty soon everybody is doing it.
  15. Kickstarter fund for TOFTT

    At this rate we might end up getting paid to visit escorts. God I love free enterprise!
  16. Kickstarter fund for TOFTT

    You'll have to meet certain standards and be approved by the board of directors (currently Melissa, Laci, Aubrey, Chissy, Emily and me).
  17. Kickstarter fund for TOFTT

    I'm thinking we could set this up through one of the cam sites like Chaturbate and then record the sessions and upload them to Pornhub so anyone can view them whenever they want. I'll get The kickstarter account set up. Watch for updates!
  18. Kickstarter fund for TOFTT

    As far as who picks the girls I think we could do a weekly lottery where everyone nominates a lady for consideration and the we pull a name from a hat. Got to keep this democratic you know.
  19. Kickstarter fund for TOFTT

    As far as who picks the girls I think we could do a weekly lottery where everyone nominates a lady for consideration and the we pull a name from a hat. Got to keep this democratic you know.
  20. Kickstarter fund for TOFTT

    Anybody who chips in is welcome to watch but the trick will be how. Suppose we could set up a cam. Does Gotomeeting do video?
  21. Kickstarter fund for TOFTT

    Perhaps he got bit by an STD? That's the risk us TOFTT guys run.
  22. Kickstarter fund for TOFTT

    As long as the fund covers mileage, sure!
  23. Monday

    Hi Kylie, Sorry this is a little late but welcome to the boards. You look like one sweet lady. 😊
  24. $300 Massage

    The pics are stolen from the internet. $300 is pretty high for just a massage. You can TOFTT or go to more reasonable priced ladies who have reviews on here.