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  1. Newbie to TOB

    Welcome aboard!
  2. Pet Peeves

    You make a good point about a call back time as you noted that didn't apply for me. As to emails actually I've had much better results there and I prefer to start that way. I can get a pretty good idea about the girl just in how she answers. Is it a blunt or flowery reply? Is it a fast or slow response (I give more time there since not all girls have smart phones)? Can she write a complete sentence and spell correctly (that's important to me)? If I like the response I'm more inclined to move forward. It's all in the presentation. And speaking about presentation what's with these girls who do answer and sound pissed off?
  3. Pet Peeves

    From a hobbiest point of view my primary pet peeve is ladies who don't return calls or emails. I recently called 5 ladies one afternoon and only one bothered to call me back. I left cordial messages asking about their availabilty over the next few days. The one lady who did return my call did so in an hour and a half which is a reasonable time period and she got my business. As a businessman phone contacts are my lifeline to new business. If I don't return calls I don't get business. And I have found that if I do so promptly - at least within 24 hours - 9 times out of 10 I get their business. (I can't count how many times people have said, "Thanks for returning my call" - well, isn't that the whole point of leaving a message? They have told me that many of my competitors didn't bother calling back. Duh?!). If an escort is going to go to the effort to put up an ad it would seem to me that the logical and professional thing would be to return the calls that the ad generates. I assume they're not putting up the ads just for the fun of it but because they want business. SO, ladies, please return the call even if you aren't available. If you don't chances are I won't call you again and you miss out on the opportunity to get a regular customer. You don't get a second chance at a first impression.
  4. Discrimination?

    There are plenty of socialists and communists that you could see assuming they can scrounge up some money from the taxpayers or filthy capitalists...
  5. Discrimination?

    So, will she see me if I am good with computers, have a video camera, own a hotel in Windsor but am a libertarian and drive a Yugo?
  6. BP Ads

    Great list! Fatdog should check these ladies out since he's not concerned about how edjurcadated the ladies are (see recent post "ladies, your education is not a selling point to me").
  7. Is it just me or am I the only one who gets turned off by escort ads where the escort pics are of her scowling? What's wrong with at least one picture smiling? Don't get me wrong I like tasteful pictures of ladies looking like a tiger that's about to eat me or that looks like she is very serious about what she does but some of the ads make these girls look like they're pissed off at the whole world. Are they trying to imitate the intense looks you see in a professional Playboy or Penthouse photo or are they really just pissed off. It just leaves me with the impression that they really don't want to be an escort and that if I went to see her she'd just go through the motions, would be in a hurry, and hate every minute of it. Of course, most of these ads are on BP and are shot with a cell phone which doesn't make for the best pictures but, hell, as Steely Dan sang, "smile for the camera, you know I'd love you better." As a footnote, Naughty Destiny knows how to shoot a picture without a smile (as many other of you fine ladies do - I mention her because she was the first one that came to mind) but she also has some great pics of her smiling. That tells me that she's a hot lady in a sweet girl's body but if she didn't ever smile I'd wonder what's wrong with her world. Just sayin...
  8. Question on escort ads without smiles

    You're welcome! You deserve it, you are a classy lady. As to seductive, they may be trying to get a seductive look but it usually ends up looking like they just sucked on a lemon or bit their tongue. A smile goes long way and there are ladies that I might visit if they had at least one smiling pic. Without one I'm afraid I may end up tangling with a pit bull - not my idea of a good time. Anyway, a lot of ladies could take a few pointers from you and others on this board. Better yet they should have YOU take the pictures.
  9. I like you have been doing this for about a year and am enjoying it immensely. Once I figured out how to find the professional ladies I became hooked. The world of professional escorts isn't some dark, scary place with a bunch of drug infested losers but a fun and enjoyable place filled with enthusiastic, educated professionals. At first I was concerned like you about the power struggle, as you call it, but when I realized that the 2 parties simply enter into a temporary contract of our own free will with NSA I relaxed and just enjoyed the ride. In the mini-series Shogun, Mariko talked about the "willow world" of the professional courtesans. To me, when I'm with these ladies I set aside all my thoughts and concerns and drift into that world recognizing that in most cases they really do enjoy what they are doing and I do my best to make it enjoyable for them by being a good, considerate guy. Perhaps we need to start referring to the best ladies as courtesans.
  10. Pet Peeves

    Destiny, You have every right to have all these pet peeves. Everyone is legit. I've been in "legal" sales for 37 years and have similar pet peeve's regarding my customers. Like you I've found that I have less issues with people who I have qualified - screened - before we meet up. Of course I am legally able to discuss price and other stuff that you have to be discreet about so I can screen them perhaps more thoroughly you and probably have less issues because of that. A lot of the issues you have are because a lot of men think of you as whores, not ladies. There's lots of jerks out there - what can you say? Some of the your legitimate issues have to do, I think, with the fact that many guys are looking more for companionship and a girlfriend relationship than for just sex. They're lonely and shy (I was that way when I first became a hobbiest) and don't know how to deal with all the chemicals bouncing around in their body. I had to learn that you ladies are business people and you are not in it for the relationship so I had to lower my expectations and not take it personally when I realized that you don't remember me anymore than that cute waitress remembers me after I leave - no matter how much I wish she would. Hang in there and screen 'em more girl - sounds like that's the best answer! (BTW - I know this is long and everybody's going "aw, shut up" but hey, it's a free country!)