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  1. The Ultimate Body Rub...LOL

    Wow .... I want to try one! Except I don't think thats her "thing". If so I missed it somewhere in the "read". I think she sounds adorable & her writing was almost hypnotic when she was describing her unique methods. At least nobody can complain that they didn't know what to expect!
  2. Hidden forum posts?

    Thank you for your reply! I did suspect something of the sort & it would make sense. Additionally with BP "closed" my timing was awful; they are likely overwhelmed with new members trying to be heard. Hmmm; I wonder if it's a set amount of time or a "as soon as I can get to it" type thing? It's kind of funny in an ironic way as I was here waaaay back too. In fact I think I was one of the original posting Lady’s when they very first started up. RT from Sowet banned me because I tried to post a pic & he thought I was "hacking" him! Oh well, it shouldn't be too much longer; thank you again.
  3. Hidden forum posts?

    And when I go to post anything it says "has to be approved by a moderator". I searched TOS, Rules & did site search & I can't find any information. Thank you for your time
  4. Outs Vs Ins

    I used to offer both. Everybody has their own "comfort zone" based on certain logistics of life. If I do decide to come back I will only be able to offer out's & thats not a good way to start (re-start). But that's okay. I understand why & eventually word of mouth (or forum) will make it easier. One aspect of out's is that it's a deal-breaker for LE.
  5. Backpage escort section gone

    OMG; after literally years ... I was going to start advertising next week. So ironic. I remember when online options were just becoming available & I didn't even know how to post a pic with my ad. Hardly anybody did; only a few "featured" providers had pics. Well anyway; hi everybody ... I'm back. The only person here that I remember is M Sterling but there may be a few others. I started lurking just a few days ago so who knows ...