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  1. Colorado Springs

    Thank you so much 😊
  2. Colorado Springs

    Hi Hunter! I’ve admired your photos so stunning! I never thought to see where anyone really was too specifically! That’s exciting to know we’re so close! Thank you for the warm reception! ☺️❣️
  3. Colorado Springs

    Thank you Dita! 💗
  4. Colorado Springs

    Sounds like it’s my kind of party! 🙄😬
  5. Colorado Springs

    Well hello there, it is my pleasure!
  6. Colorado Springs

    Will do! You as well. ☺️
  7. Colorado Springs

    Thank you so much!
  8. Colorado Springs

    Hey everyone! I’m Meurelle ! I’ve been around for a while, but am new to the forums! I look forward to meeting new friends, I am located in Colorado Springs and just saying hello.
  9. New to TOB and very excited!

    Thank you so much !
  10. New to TOB and very excited!

    Hi hon! Thank you !
  11. Hi everyone I'm Meurelle! I am somewhat new to The Other Board and very excited to be a part of the community! I am very bubbly and outgoing! - Meurelle
  12. Hello there ladies and clients alike. I am somewhat new to this and most of the time I don't have any issues and things go pretty smoothly but as to be expected that is not always the case. I have heard a lot about this blacklist and really would like to know how it is that it works and how I can add someone to it. Also I don't typically do any screening but the more and more time goes on the more and more the desire grows for me to begin screening but I'm not really sure how to... I would appreciate any guidance/ knowledge in reference to how to use these two tools! Just a little new to doing things this way, confused, and wanting to learn and take extra precaution and build a better business, (and stay safe/ provide a safe professional experience!) thanks