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  1. What was your New Years Resoultion?

    Researchers say that about 60 percent of us make New Year's resolutions, but only about 8 percent are successful in achieving them. What are your thoughts and do you have anything you trying to achieve this year??? My New Years resolutions this year is get a new car,save more, expand my new business, go back to school to get my Masters Degree and some more things done.
  2. New Years PlansπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

    What do you have plan for New Years? Since I still be with my family in Missouri for Christmas. I am going to bring New Years In with them and go to this ball for New Years. I am super excited to go and bring in the new year with family😊 what are your plans leave your thoughts?
  3. Christmas πŸŽ„ plans

  4. Christmas πŸŽ„ plans

    I agree with you
  5. Christmas πŸŽ„ plans

    Your family from Cail I wanna go there one day what part of Cail
  6. Christmas πŸŽ„ plans

    Sounds fun
  7. Is P411 dead?

    Yes I am still using it as references and I like it better because it speeds up verification a lot faster
  8. Christmas πŸŽ„ plans

    What are your plans for Christmas? Before I go home I am going to visit my mom family on West coast Friday for week. Then I get to go home to Midwest for Christmas I am super excited πŸ˜† get to visit them for awhile. I missed them. Can’t wait to see them. Leave your comments.....
  9. Thanksgiving Plans

    My niece and nephew Birthday is tomorrow and they both excited it’s on Thanksgiving. My granny going to whip it up but I will not be there 😒 first thanksgiving I am not with them😫
  10. Thanksgiving Plans

    Fired turkey is the method they use but I don’t eat meat
  11. Thanksgiving Plans

    Fired turkey is the method they use but I don’t get meat
  12. Doubles show

    Two girls are always fun😍😍
  13. Thanksgiving Plans

    What on your plans for Thanksgiving?? I will be chilling at home and will see my family for Christmas πŸŽ„ no one is coming home for Thanksgiving
  14. Yes I am ready for the fall I love the leaves 🍁 changing colors and all the cute fall clothes I get to wear 😊
  15. Fort Collins sting

    Story of my life lol