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  1. Wow! New format, new mods!

    Actually, it appears that if you want to use your username instead of your email address, you need to first pick a city and then go to the forum page before you login. The login link from the forum page allows either display name or email address.
  2. Wow! New format, new mods!

    I needed to use my email to log in the first time, but after editing my profile I was able to use my display name to log in. I like what I've seen so far.
  3. Alphabet myth

    There's only one trick. You have to love it! I love cunnilingus more than any other sexual act, bar none! If you don't love it, no trick will make you better at it.
  4. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

    I wish you all the success and happiness you can handle. Thanks for all the wonderful memories. You will be missed!
  5. A word from Jez UaBriain.

    Kick ass, Jez!!!
  6. #facesofprostitution

    Seriously? Who made you the sole arbiter of who is sexy or desirable? I have had some wonderful times with younger ladies, but my favorite times (by far) have been with ladies from their late 30s to early 50s. It's a completely different experience. I always feel a greater connection with more mature ladies, besides the fact that they can be sexy as hell. If they're enjoying what they're doing, who the hell are you to question it?
  7. Happy Birthday Jez!!!

    Happy Birthday, Jez! I'm sipping on a Jameson in your honor. Slainte!
  8. I am in

    I'm in now as well. Thanks admins.
  9. Fill in the blank

  10. How to look like a whore

    Well, these days, if I look down past my gut and see a woman's lips around my dick, chances are ............
  11. Another New Guy

    You guys suck! I just spit out a perfectly good mouthfull of bourbon reading those last two entries.
  12. Words

    Am I the only one who actually likes the word cunt? Maybe it's because of the forbiddenness of the word, but to me it's a huge turn on when a woman refers to her pussy with that word. One YL that I was with for the first time was feeling me out for what I liked and what I didn't. All of a sudden she grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs back and said "Come over here and lick my cunt hole". I instantly got rock hard just from hearing that. Now, referring to a total person as a cunt is, to me, one of the worst words you can use, but in a sexual context it's one of my favorite words. However, I do understand that I'm in the minority on this, so I don't use it unless the YL uses it first.
  13. Happy Birthday Scarlet O'brien!!!

    Hope you have a great birthday, Scarlet!!
  14. Happy birthday jez

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Jez. Hope you have a great one!!
  15. On a railroad bridge over the Delaware River, and behind someone else's car in the very back row of a drive-in theater (The Groove Tube was playing).
  16. I'm wondering if anyone out there can identify the actress in this video. I'd like to find more of her videos but have no idea who to search for. Thanks. http://www.youporn.com/watch/7820600/maid-is-a-dirty-girl/?from=search_full&pos=16
  17. Happy Birthday, bukketlyst!

    Thank you, sweet lady! Much appreciated!
  18. Need help from the porn experts

    Wish I'd thought of that! Thanks.
  19. Relationships and Providers-a poll

    No one deserves it more. Stay happy
  20. What's on your Bucketlist?

    That's how I came up with my handle on this board. Back around 2005 or so I used to peruse the board just for a vicarious thrill. I wouldn't actually partake since I was happily married. A few months after my wife passed I checked out the board again and decided to take the leap, but I needed a handle. I thought "Who were the ladies on my bucket list back then", and decided to use that. So I can thank Heidi the Housewife, Melissa Sterling, Samantha of Denver, and Naughty Destiny for my handle. Thanks, ladies!
  21. New in Denver [Snip}

    Welcome, Kaya. Hope you have a great time here. I'm hoping I get to meet you.
  22. Her Golf Lesson

    Good one. I heard the same joke years ago with a different punchline. He nodded and said, “Doesn't leave much room for a Band-Aid."
  23. I think it was that age-old German beer, Assnhanger Lager.