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  1. 411 on Mija

    Thanks gents, appreciate the assist.
  2. 411 on Mija

    Mija Miamour 719-490-7683 Colorado Companion Salutations all, Does anyone have any information on Mija? Could only find a listing on tryst. Her twitter account has not been active for 3 years. No verifiable facebook account, however the onlyfans site was updated yesterday. Only 77 posts however. She offers a "Coffee Date" for in person screening which i found to be unique, but is raising a bit more caution. IR45
  3. Favorite Roleplay Ideas

    Why is always just the Nurse? What about the Doc? "My nurse tells me your blood pressure is high and you have some SWELLING going on. Can you show me?"
  4. Favorite Roleplay Ideas

    Great vid! And check out that money shot! Covered her in white!
  5. Roadtrippin Tunes

    Good tune, however, this would be more likely to be on my sleep playlist. Not on my Road trip list... unless it automatically played when my car knew some ass clown was driving like a douche bag in the passing lane and holding up traffic for 8 miles back.
  6. Roadtrippin Tunes

    NO Road Trip could ever be complete without The Road Behind AND Wheels of Fire... Band video could not find, had to use what was available...
  7. Kindness is rare

    This topic expands to a number of us in our daily lives; regardless of our profession. It has become a society of " I am entitled to everything regardless of any thing" vs customer service. Sadly enough too may give in to this nonsense and don't draw a line to what is fair and equitable to both parties. We need to stand up and make sure that being an assclown does not grant you additional rights or exceptions.
  8. Boys and Girls

    Wow... That's tough.. it's like only a 50% CGFE session. I'd roll with CFS over the CBJ. Better overall and does not make her breath smell like a new set of Michelins!
  9. My 2 cents. Not that they are worth any more than 2 cents minus inflation... I don't see any Provider reply's to this post and I imagine there may be a number that may have politely declined to express their opinion on this matter. 2 Big, I appreciate your bringing into light your experience in the forum and I acknowledge it probably super exceeds my own in the industry, and it may help others just getting starting in the Hobby. I think the main thing is we are all trying to find our bliss in the scheme of things, and if I'm willing to pay $500 a HH for a bearded ^%#&^$ with sausage fingers, so be it. I think the main thing you were trying to get across is, DO YOUR RESEARCH, and don't be fool. That's why we have a 411, right?

    I've had a few, but my all time ass clenching, heart racing moment came at a state monument gift shop. I was at the car in the parking lot and my daughter wanted to get something from Grandma... she was running back toward her grandmother at the entrance of the store, across the parking lot, heading right toward a car coming down the parking lane... no way they could not have seen her in time, and I was too far away for the vehicle occupants to see me. Kids have a natural tendency to ignore you screaming at them.. I wish I could remember what I finally yelled that made her abruptly stop between two parked cars... just before my baby would have been squashed. Worst adrenaline rush to ever have experienced... Still chokes me up when reminiscing.
  11. Scary movies... your siblings jumping out at you from behind the door... an unexpected loud noise that makes you jump... ALL NORMAL! What is an experience you had that actually had you shaking... caused an abnormal reaction, made you pee or crap yourself? Have you ever been REALLY scared out your mind??? How did you react?
  12. For the Old-timers...

    When you mention The Avengers nowadays, everyone would assume you were talking "Endgame".
  13. For the Old-timers...

    One word... Technology. From being the only kid in the house able to set the Betamax clock and settings back in the day, to always being the "go to" guy for computers, and auto technology... Never thought I would fall behind the curve! Inevitably I am now asking "why is my phone doing this" or "how do I change this?" to those many years younger...
  14. Your Dream Ride

    I imagine I should post an answer to my own post... Morgan Fairchild in the backseat of a 59' Chevy Bel Air.
  15. Twitter Scams

    As always, make sure you know what you are signing up for. Ever since I gave a donation to a cause I get bombarded with more requests. Just make sure your money goes where you actually want it to go. A lot of scammers out there.