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  1. Chloe Conifer 720-583-3327
    Colorado Companion

    Chloe Conifer used to be a provider in Denver a couple years ago, but then she shut down her website and seemed like she stopped working. I always wanted to see her, but never got the chance.

    I heard from someone else that she's back, although her website and old phone number still don't work

    Just curious if anyone has seen her lately and can vouch, or is this a case of someone using her old phone number as a scam?



  2. I've asked about Vivienne and Emmeline before. No one here has seen them.

    There's something off about them, as well as another provider




    This trio of women all have very similar Wix sites, with the same vibe of photos. I assume they're all stolen, I know Vivienne's are (https://tineye.com/search/a775db199f0f2ebf36c3128fc2510fd417038b33 and https://tineye.com/search/cba636dec5788b3c1bf36a751b04531419f61367), and I think the others stole their photos as well.

    Somehow, these beautiful women with reasonable rates, work in Denver, and nobody on the most popular board in Denver has ever seen them...it's bizarre.

    I've reached out to all of them once of twice. Vivienne and Kate The Fairy have responded once, but then I never heard from them again after I replied.

    I dunno, something is just off about them. If it's a scam, I don't know what the scam is supposed to be, since they don't ask for deposits and don't seem to want to meet up. I don't think they're LE, since again, they don't seem interested in meeting someone who is eager to get together.


  3. 1 hour ago, gr8owl said:

    There is plenty but you would ignore it if I listed it

    lol oh that's convenient

    "I have plenty of evidence, but I can't show you..."

    Feel free to list your reasons as to why you think this agency is trafficking women

    1 hour ago, gr8owl said:

    I believe they already did when they closed/locked the original thread AND combined the new one you immediately created so that it too is locked.  Too subtle for you?

    Nuance is probably lost on you, but it's not clear at all.

    If I ask about a provider at another agency, will that be locked? Or is it just Girls Offices? My thread was moved into the old Girls Offices forum, but where would my post about a girl at a different agency go? It's not against the rules (currently) to ask about agency providers, yet the thread was locked - will I be punished if I do it again next month with a different provider? Will I be banned? Was my post locked on accident? Or was it locked by a mod , but the mod on duty the next time I do it won't care?

    You're way too focused on "AGENCIES BAD!" and apparently can't think about anything else, we're just looking for clarity on what is and isn't allowed.

    Soooo I guess I'll just keep asking until I get an answer:

    @Kaduk  @TheWhisperer can we make 411 posts in the Individual 411 forum for providers who are part of an agency? There's nothing in the forum rules that says we can't, and no moderator has ever said we can't. If the answer is no, that's fine, that just needs to be communicated to us and the forum rules need to be updated.

    I feel like this is a super simple question, and everyone is getting incredibly emotional about it.


  4. 1 hour ago, gr8owl said:

    there is a distinct difference between asking for information about one independent lady - what the 411 forum is for

    Except I did exactly that - once I saw that the big Girls Offices thread was locked, I wanted information on one of their providers. So I created a 411 post asking about that specific provider, and that thread was just removed with no explanation.

    I did exactly what you claim you have no issue with, but I was called a shill for doing the thing I've done 20+ times before, people just got irrationally upset because the provider I asked about works for an agency.


    1 hour ago, gr8owl said:

    And doing so when the agency in question has all the appearances of trafficking Korean women,  THAT is an excellent way to get fed attention and get taken down.  Why is that so hard to understand?

    Uh, because it's complete nonsense. There's no indication of trafficking going on, you just made that up. And TOB is protecting themselves by (rightfully) not allowing ads from agencies. But there's no issue with us asking about them in the forums, there's nothing in the forum rules that says we can't, and no moderator has ever said we can't.

    At this point, we really need a moderator to weigh in and settle this, I'm really surprised they haven't.

    Simple question: can we make 411 posts in the Individual 411 forum for providers who are part of an agency?

    @Kaduk  @TheWhisperer can you weight in on that?

    If the answer is no, that's fine, that just needs to be communicated to us and the forum rules need to be updated.


  5. 1 hour ago, MeganMarie4u said:

    Yall got the whole God damn internet to talk about agencies.....  but here we are on a review board for indy girls...  🤡🙃


    If you don't like the way it's handled find a new sandbox. Or a new hobby!

    This site is not a review board for indy girls


  6. 18 hours ago, ilovewomen said:

    I said it once and I’ll say it again….



    A. You're not a mod, so what you want is completely irrelevant

    B. I actually agree with you (and the site) that we shouldn't allow ads from agencies - but to extend that ban to the 411 forums makes no sense, there's no "danger" to people asking about girls in the forum


  7. 4 minutes ago, gr8owl said:

    ...Six pages of running commentary and daily updates as to what the flavor of the week is at an agency ....... what the hell else is that besides free advertising/shill/endorsement...

    You say you're not dense, yet you're bringing up some other random thread in another forum...got it :) If you have a problem with this six-page thread on an agency, go over there and complain about it, I don't know why you've decided to raid my post


    4 minutes ago, gr8owl said:

    Up to the mods and owner of the board here

    Which isn't you, so go play hall monitor somewhere else.

    There's nothing wrong with my post, just trying to get info on a provider like everyone else on this forum


  8. 1 minute ago, gr8owl said:

    No. I have a problem with the daily shill for an agency called girlsoffices.  The thread of that title. That you have previously posted to lol.  Information regarding the agency, its services and its flavor of week travelling lady should be easily obtained from the agency without the daily shill/ad for said agency here.  When member ladies have to pay for their ads.

    :lol: That's the entire point of this forum - to gather information on providers who don't have ads or reviews on this site.

    Are you dense? This is absolutely pathetic, we might as well shut down the entire forum if you want to label it a "free ad" any time someone mentions a provider here.


  9. 1 minute ago, gr8owl said:

    same as the thread just locked.  Free ad/shills for girlsoffices.  I am sure the agency should be able to answer the question and any similar.

    What thread? And how is this an ad?

    I found a provider in Denver, and I'm simply asking for other people's experiences. Just like every other post in this 411 forum.

    If you're upset about this girl, you're just gonna have to get over it and get a life. Do you have a problem with this Vicky or something?


  10. I eventually reached out, here's the info she sent me


    I provide what I like to call a sensual healing experience. I take all sessions in my sexy lingerie, and use hand to body touch to get comfortable with one another. I base my sessions off of mutual comfort, connection and intimacy! I also offer things like topless, interactive mutual touch & even fully nude with more of a body to body experience if you enjoy closeness like me. I do prefer to be completely transparent in the fact that I do not offer any illegal services, and feel free to ask any clarifying questions- I'm very open about what I do and do not offer!

    These rates are on top of my base rate of 150/hr :) I can offer mutual touch for 50, topless for 100 and then the other options above!

    I can do fully nude for an additional 200! And can add the more body to body experience for 50 if you're interested in that :)

    So basically $400 for a fully-nude massage with no HE





  11. 1 hour ago, shy_n_quiet said:

    Look like we got a hot one in town! I saw Miu Miu earlier and she is one of the best models I have seen so far from GO. She is young looking and has a stunning face, an athletic body, and a charming personality.  Top-notch GFE service.  I bet that we will see lots of 9/10 reviews coming soon. Run, don’t walk to your nearest booker before it’s too late! LOL

    Are there any better pics of her online?

    The pics on the site look like they're about 15 years old


  12. I can't explain it, just vibes

    I don't have a VIP TER account, so I can't see The Juicy Details, but even the way the general details are worded seem odd and vague and not genuine

    I just find it unlikely that this gorgeous provider with reasonable rates has been operating in Denver for at least 6 months, and not one person on TOB has seen her or heard of her? Even if they don't have ads here, people here are quick to spread the word about a girl like that.




  13. Kate The Fairy 303-653-8442
    Colorado Companion



    I saw Kate The Fairy on TER, and she looks great and has a few reviews there, but nothing at all about her on this site or anywhere else, usually people have Twitter and Tryst as well. I can't find any info about her anywhere else and her pics seem pretty fake

    I dunno, maybe I'm being hyper critical, but something just seems off

    Has anyone on this site seen her and can vouch for her?