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  1. Riley

    Finally saw her while she was in town - girl in the pics, lots of fun. Sadly, upsell right off the bat - 300 actually gets you the hh. Somewhat odd choice of incall hotel...
  2. 411 on kittykatt

    Sorry gents, after more research, I have a theory that I cannot necessarily prove, but it has shifted my gut all the way around to avoiding this one. I believe that Lexi/Alexa (http://colorado.backpage.com/WomenSeekMen/alexa-back-denver/32352922, 720-502-8949 and 720-316-9571) and KittyKatt are in cahoots and that KittKatt is actually the blond shown in the pictures here: http://www.escortphonelookup.com/720-316-9571/?id=31776772. They used the same number at one point in time. Lexi has one decent TER review (https://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/show.asp?id=320643), but Kitty does not. The gal in the archived pics isn't too far off from the model pics, but far enough to easily tell they aren't one in the same. For that reason, my gut tells me it's a no-go. If someone else TOFTT and I am wrong, bless you!
  3. 411 on kittykatt

    Thanks, ceeu2nite, I appreciate the responses. I found her on a few different social media and modeling sites as well - even cross referenced what she told me about her incall with public records before I started feeling a bit creepy... I could not find any of the typical red flags. I attached the pic she sent me - it was sent via some sort of web app which time-stamped it as being from right before I received it, and a google/tinyeye search didn't come up with any matching hits, so... Looking pretty good. I declined to TOFTT tonight because I was busy with other things, but I hope to go for it soon. She says she's out of DTC, so hopefully someone closer can check into seeing her, too.
  4. 411 on kittykatt

    kittykatt 720-507-3353 Colorado Escort Hey all: I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on seeing this gal. I have done the research - pics are of a model in Denver, even received a confirming pic via text. What concerns me is that she has been advertising since May and has yet to receive a review. Any thoughts? Anyone seen her and just not gotten around to leaving a review? I've really delved deep and haven't found anything fishy, but there's still something causing me to hesitate... https://theotherboard.com/users/117710