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  1. You can also use safeoffice.com for email. I like that it allows you to have 6 different email addresses. I use a different one for each advertising venue that I'm on. That way, when I get an inquiry, I know which venue generated it. There is a way to send an email that will self-destruct after 30 days. You just click on the designated button. Your email is a link rather than a traditional email. The only drawback is that it cannot be responded to. If you're interested, go to safeoffice.com.
  2. If you don't know what a VPN is, neither do I. Ha ha J/K. It is software that you install on your computer/phone. It allows you to connect to a server in almost any country you want before browsing the internet. The best VPN's don't keep logs of which website you visit. A super smart gal went thru all the VPN's and came up with this: Using the chart at https://thatoneprivacysite.net/vpn-comparison-char... Eliminate all VPNs that are from countries that belong to 14 Eyes https://www.my-private-network.co.uk/vpn-provider-... Eliminate all VPNs that log traffic. If it is not logged, it cannot be discovered. Eliminate al VPS based in Hong Kong and Israel. I do not trust the intelligence organizations. Then using https://www.vpnmentor.com/ for review information I am left with NordVPN, Panama, https://nordvpn.com/, $33/year, 3 year minimum, 4.9/5.0, Ranked 1st from 301 VPNs https://www.vpnmentor.com/reviews/nordvpn/ Trust.Zone, Seychelles, https://trust.zone/, $39.95/year, 4.6/5.0, Ranked 6th from 301 VPNs https://www.vpnmentor.com/reviews/trust-zone/ Doublehop, Seychelles, https://www.doublehop.me/, $33/year, 4.0/5.0, Ranked 101st from 301 VPNs https://www.vpnmentor.com/reviews/doublehop-me/ VPNTunnel, Seychelles, https://vpntunnel.com/, $35.88/year, 4.0/5.0, Ranked 180th from 301 VPNs https://www.vpnmentor.com/reviews/vpntunnel/
  3. I have been on TER even tho it is supposedly not accessible in the U.S. I have a VPN on my phone and laptop. Mine is called Golden Frog, but there are many others. What I did was to set my VPN to go directly to a server in another country. This is easy to do.Then I got into TER. Only their U.S. ads are down. Everything else is still up. I paid for Golden Frog, but there is a free version. I recommend paying because sometimes free stuff is snoopy. Now, privacy is more important than ever. Also. it's a good idea to read thu their agreement to see if you're comfortable with how they treat your info. If you have a VPN that you are happy with, please share.
  4. Newbie from NS

    They are referring to nightshift.co. It was the go-to site for providers and clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. There was a forum and free listings. It has been closed down temporarily while the owner figures out how to re-open it safely.
  5. Any recommendations for references?

    I have a membership on safeoffice.com. I've been there since 2012. They have bank-level security. I keep a database of email addresses there. This is a resource that now, it more important than ever. Providers and clients can get an account. SO has email. You can have 6 different email addresses. I have found this to be very useful for informing my advertising decisions. I can tell where my inquiries are coming from due to the difference in email address used to contact me. SO has a newsletter function. I feel that for providers, sending a newsletter is one of the best ways to deal with the loss of directories. SO has a tutorial on how to send a newsletter. There are many steps to take so I recommend doing the tutorial before getting your newsletter together.
  6. Good news from California

    Here is a youtube video of our attorney arguing in court:
  7. I am a member of the Erotic Service Providers' Union. Our case was heard in court on Thurs. Oct. 19, 2017. The judges indicated that they are willing to consider striking down anti-prostitution laws in California, for many reasons. One reason is that anti-gay laws have been struck down, because whatever happens between two consenting adults behind closed doors is not the government's business. Please read the article and send it to anyone you can. This is happening Article from fortune.com
  8. Challenging prostitution laws in CA

    Hi Nikki, you can get a Vanilla VISA gift card at a drug store. You don't have to register it. Just go to the tilt website and make your donation. Thank you so much for considering it!
  9. The fight is on! Sex workers will no longer tolerate antiquated laws in California. We are consenting adults who feel we should be able to do whatever we want in our own bedroom. Please consider making a donation so that we can pay our attorney. If the court rules in our favor, prostitution will be legalized or decriminalized in CA, AK, AZ, and other states as well. https://www.tilt.com/tilts/liberate-to-emancipate-esplerp-v-gascon-lawsuit
  10. What terms can be considered sex for sale?

    There is an important youtube video that we should all watch. It's called "Never talk to police." It's a male lawyer giving his reasons why you should never make any statements to a police officer. He gives the example if a guy who was convicted of assault. He had an argument with a woman, then spoke to an officer, who misquoted him. He should have zipped his lips. I tried, but can't post a link. Go to youtube and search. You can thank me later.
  11. PSA: Don't Flush

    Instead of flushing a used condom, it is wise to rinse it thoroughly before throwing it in the trash. I heard at a legal workshop that neighbors have been known to go into the trash, looking for evidence that there is a brothel. (I hate nosy people!) Why let the evidence be available when you can take a few minutes to remove it?
  12. For a woman to squirt, she must be well hydrated. Give her water or her favorite hydrating drink. Coconut water is more hydrating than water. The diagram shows stimulation of the g-spot. This may make some women squirt. There is a spot further north, near the cervix, called the a-spot. This is a good spot to stimulate as well. Ask her what is working for her, what kind of stimu, which position. Make sure you are playing on a surface that can get wet, such as a few blankets that can be easily washed. If she is worried about soaking a mattress, she won't squirt. May amrita be a joyful part of your future play.
  13. State of California Attorney General Notice and Motion to Dismiss has been filed by 3 women who want to be sex workers, and a disabled man who wants to access the services of sex workers. A 206-page response has been made to the declaratory action to strike down the prostitution law, and motion to dismiss is what I expected. The fight is on! Next Important Dates: June 8 ? Deadline for plaintiffs to respond to the motion to dismiss June 23 ? Deadline for defendants to reply August 7 ? Hearing on motion to dismiss (9:00 a.m. in Courtroom #5, 1301 Clay Street, Oakland, 2nd floor, Judge Jeffrey S. White) It has not been easy to raise money to pay the attorneys for this historic legal challenge. After being kicked off of GOFUNDME, A second crowdfunding campaign is now underway to raise an additional $30,000 this year to cover further legal fees. Supporters can contribute to this historic effort to decriminalize prostitution in California at https://liberatetoemancipate.tilt.com/liberatetoemancipate
  14. Sex workers are discriminated against in many areas. If you disclose that you are an escort to a company who you want coverage from, you risk that they will turn you down. If you're talking to a broker, it mite be OK to disclose. Are you wanting to disclose so that if something happens, your insurance will be honored? God forbid you should die, the insurance mite not pay if they found you died while in session. Is that your concern? I'd like to know more about that too. Any underwriters in the house?
  15. The Sweet Smell of Pussy on my Breath

    Wannabebad: you are hysterically funny! Seriously now, I would recommend a shower with lots of soap and maybe even shampoo, then get a small bowl. Fill it with mouthwash. Soak your lower face in the mouthwash for at least 15 seconds. Then rinse your mouth with mouthwash and you're ready to go home.