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  1. Careful with screening boys.

    I was thinking instead of people having to search for these topics, there should be an actual '10 Commandments' forum.. right above the TOB 411 forum.
  2. Careful with screening boys.

    This makes me wonder why numerous women on here with supposedly valid reviews keep asking for p411 login info. It makes me question those ladies and reviewers and simply want to block them.
  3. -b added to some provider's handle

    So what happens to the 'guys' that provide reviews to a fake profile?
  4. -b added to some provider's handle

    Amazon is gonna beat you.. by a week or 2
  5. Careful with screening boys.

    Seems like a general rule of thumb that needs to be spelled out somewhere. It makes their profiles suspect.. and their "reviews'.
  6. Ultra-high-end

    One lesson I learned: Paying more $$ does not make me feel any less like an ATM to some women. Some women are in that zombie, auto pilot mode regardless of the $$ amount.
  7. Airbnb/ Private Resident?

    If either party can grab your license plate #, youre asking for trouble.
  8. Icing the Vagina

    Have any ladies read this post, gone to the frig, and tested the outcome? Go on, you can tell us.. youre among friends
  9. Careful with screening boys.

    I've had a few ladies ask for a photo of my p411 login.. Is that a new legit way of screening? Others have told me Dont Do It!
  10. -b added to some provider's handle

    Seriously! I want a decoder ring!!! That would to totally awesome... and I'm not being sarcastic either! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KP7KIU4/ref=twister_B00JIUJ3X8
  11. Let's Talk About Switter

    If I didnt go fishing to calm my nerves from crappy products.. I'd have destroyed a few VCRs by now.
  12. Let's Talk About Switter

    I hate switter! Do User Interface engineers get their degrees from a cereal box these days?? What ever happened to User Friendly?!! I may as well go out and buy a VCR and try to learn to program it! But then I also hate twitter.. I mean why do the ladies retweet someone elses ad that is 1000 miles away???!! I do NOT care who's available right now in Miami !!
  13. Talk Is Expensive

    Sometimes its about finding someone to play Hungry Hungry hippo
  14. migrating from gmail to protonmail

    funny, I was actually looking at getting a new router. But reading amazon reviews takes forever.
  15. migrating from gmail to protonmail

    Well if I was to play the paranoia game i'd say protonmail isnt much better.. Its based in Switzerland meaning the CIA and NSA get to listen in on any transmission that leaves the country.. So are we saying we trust government more than a corporation like google?