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  1. ...The Other Bored...a Parody...

    You trim your nose hairs????!!! I thought that was why women advertise only wanting men 40+ !! Ladies, start explaining!
  2. 411 on MiyahCakes and LexiLynn

    Just do a search on the # and you get matching photos: https://adultsearch.com/colorado/denver/female-escorts/1142130?hidewarning=1
  3. 411 on MiyahCakes and LexiLynn

    MiyakCakes LexiLynn 402-261-1046 Colorado Companion Digging down the rabbit hole shows they are either sharing photos or the same person. https://theotherboard.com/users/129710 https://theotherboard.com/users/131828
  4. Take a shower, it's summer!

    whats a loufa ?? Maybe the ladies should advertise cleaning services
  5. P411 changes 2019

    no pics, availability, or contact # on p411 anymore?? Why would anyone pay for it then?? Sounds like its only gonna give the info you see when you're not logged in... which is free
  6. Public Service Announcement - NoPantyDay

    WHY isnt this stuff advertised on national TV?? I totally missed it. I also must assume there has to be a national Pizza day too then.
  7. As some here have said, this happens all the time. Usually the way it happens though is that you drive to the designated area, call or text, and then are met with silence. I admit it happened to me once with a long hour drive in a winter storm.. and I can honestly say I'd have preferred the painful truth over a dangerous drive. I'd still be pissed but any attempt to use this community to bolster ones self esteem is a temporary illusion. $$ cant buy love or self esteem.
  8. Clients rating clients

    I could see rating clients based only on safety.. If a client gives reviews to someone that turns out fake.. obviously we'd want to know.
  9. Ultra-high-end

    I've tried ultra high end only a few times.. and unfortunately mostly ended up leaving with the thought: That was a waste But then for some non high end experiences I look at a womans profile and see they dont having kissing on it.. then I look at the donation and feel: Whats the point? Its amazing how everything creates Perspective.
  10. Careful with screening boys.

    I was thinking instead of people having to search for these topics, there should be an actual '10 Commandments' forum.. right above the TOB 411 forum.
  11. Careful with screening boys.

    This makes me wonder why numerous women on here with supposedly valid reviews keep asking for p411 login info. It makes me question those ladies and reviewers and simply want to block them.
  12. -b added to some provider's handle

    So what happens to the 'guys' that provide reviews to a fake profile?
  13. -b added to some provider's handle

    Amazon is gonna beat you.. by a week or 2
  14. Careful with screening boys.

    Seems like a general rule of thumb that needs to be spelled out somewhere. It makes their profiles suspect.. and their "reviews'.
  15. Ultra-high-end

    One lesson I learned: Paying more $$ does not make me feel any less like an ATM to some women. Some women are in that zombie, auto pilot mode regardless of the $$ amount.