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  1. Are you ready for the fall and what do you like about the fall

    I can wear jeans and hoodies for the next six months!
  2. It must be me

    IMHO, you need to plan ahead, and you might want to take a softer tone. I've been around the hobby long enough to know that being known as an all around nice guy pays huge benefits.
  3. What happened to beautiful touch?

    Dani, glad you are charting your own course now. It's good to know that you are so much happier.
  4. Mexican food

    Consuelo's Mexican on S. Shields. No atmosphere, but good, good food.
  5. Broomfield/Westminster Men

    I'm a northsider, and like some of the others in this thread, would rather have a filling without novocain before driving to South Denver, Lakewood or Aurora. Luckily, there are enough lovely ladies in Eastern Boulder County, to keep me busy for a long time. It's nice to hear that we are considered nice guys by the ladies.
  6. Hi there!

    Welcome to the pool! Have fun!
  7. Hello

    Welcome. Please let us know when you tuck in.
  8. Last Day, Leaving Town Soon Ads?

    Am I the only one that thinks that seeing a provider who says she is leaving is a good idea? I've seen several ads lately that suggest that I ought to see the lady before she is a gone girl. Hmm. I don't think that is a very strong hook for me. How about you?