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  1. Snowboarding!!

    Back Country. Escape the crowds and get some one on one time with the mountain.
  2. TOB in other states, not so great

    So while off on vacation over a week ago I was feeling a bit lonely, so I went to look at TOB in the state of WI and was gratefully disappointing. The lack of ladies or for that, no ladies on there had me thinking is this a common issue in other states? Colorado seems to be a hot spot for TOB but for other places not so much. Am I wrong?
  3. Hello

    Why helloooooo!
  4. Real pictures vs altered pictures

    And I have seen your photos and that is what I like to see! All natural is the best.
  5. Marie punch card?

    Funny, the other day I asked a provider what her real name was and she said Lexus.
  6. Question for the gents.....

    I offer it up right away so that it helps with the verification process.
  7. denver? what areas to avoid?

    Providers do their due diligence to make sure that they are not being set up by LE, so we as clients need to do our own work as well.
  8. denver? what areas to avoid?

    You would be missing out on a lot of clients if you didn't visit the north part of town. Most providers seem to always focus on the DTC area and as a result many of us wont travel south. Other then being professional at a front desk, simply change your phone number by a single digit to protect yourself. It is not hard to look up a number, I do every-time I go and see someone new. I like to find out who she is etc...above and beyond TOB.
  9. Real pictures vs altered pictures

    I think the question is being looked at wrong. When I meet a new "friend" I don't expect to meet her as an air brushed copy of her true self. I would prefer to see the real person in the photos with no air brush work done.
  10. Real pictures vs altered pictures

    General question.... but how many guys out there actually look at some ads where the pictures are air brushed all up and then think that that is the woman they will be meeting? I prefer to meet a woman with UN-altered pictures because I am then not upset by her appearance when we meet. My preference is all natural, nothing fake.