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  1. On 5/16/2020 at 6:42 PM, Ryann said:

    There always seems to be a question about girls asking for a deposit. Here’s the deal, unfortunately there seems to be an abundance of friends asking for outcalls , which a lot of providers don’t mind doing but here’s the problem. You get all dolled up you drive to the location that was requested, you get there and nobody answers their phone or it’s an address that’s bogus !!This never used to happen but in the last few years we’ve got a much younger crowd who seem to think that it’s kind of funny to mess with somebodys time!!!In. In saying this there are far more who do not do that. So . Some Seem to think that they’re going to be shaded by giving somebody a deposit. So let me break this down... number one - provider has a reputation to keep and there are reviews that can be written so if somebody gets shaded the Friend has the option to write a review stating what happened and therefore the provider loses good reputation So the chances of our friends getting shaded are pretty slim. Does it happen, absolutely but far less than what happens on our side.

    so Let’s assume we don’t get a deposit and we show up and it’s a bogus appointment. We don’t know who set that up we don’t know if that’s where we should be we don’t know what the circumstances are all we know is that we’re shaded  with no recourse., so if you think about it logically if a provider asks for a deposit and you’re serious about spending time, then there should be no issues. I’m sorry that there are situations that some of our friends have gone through where they get shaded or ripped off,  just remember you have the option to write a review!! So please stop thinking that deposits are a bad thing they are not. Put yourself in a provider shoes just for a moment and try to understand we’re all trying to Have fun with no glitches.

    Why Ryann? Seems like you're describing a day in the life most hobbyists. I can relate to "getting dolled up and driving to a location that was requested only to get there and nobody answers the phone or the address is bogus" I especially like the part where "You dont know who set up the appointment and don’t know if that’s where we should be and not  knowing what the circumstances are, all we know is that we’re shaded  with no recourse" Now you know how most of us feel. lol



  2. I guess maybe if I knew the provider previously, I would. But there have been so many horror stories about the deposit thing. Maybe one positive experience for every 20 negative ones. There is no downside for the provider, Ive noticed. But many for the hobbyists. Apart from just straight up getting your money robbed from you. There is also the risk of LE sting operations using the deposit as corroborating evidence against you in court. To me its just not worth the risk ladies. I hope you understand. Sorry. There are too many beautiful options out there with much less risk before taking that leap. The hobby is getting weirder and weirder. First, the no AA thing and now this. I dont get it.


  3. Is paying deposits via Venmo and Cashapp prior to a visit a legit thing now? Or is it a scam? A few providers has requested deposits. I won't do it. Should I?


  4. 44 minutes ago, Admiral C said:

    Being as I try to be a relatively reasonable and non confrontational poster, I will try to be as diplomatic as possible in my basic description of this hypothesis. I think it is complete and utter preposterous bullshit. Providers are people first, women second, providers somewhere later. As people, and women, they have likes and dislikes same as clients. If an ebony provider, a BBW provider, a 50+ year old provider, a transgender provider happen to have less business than some other provider, should clients not seeing them be chastised and labeled, racists, homophobes, age and weight biased? How DARE they have a preference. Now, the red highlighted part of the OP's post makes some sense and related to what SEVERAL providers have told ME. Many AA men, particulary under 30, and especially if cruising here, have sky high sex drives. Many of them are well endowed and very athletic.....including often college athletes and sometimes Nuggets, Bronco's and Rockies. Hard, fast, athletic, multi-shot, for every second of an hour...or two...or more may SOUND like a dream appointment to guys with an ego based view....."Oh..she should love that".  Some ladies might, most DON'T. Again...this is a business. Sessions like that are exhausting, hard work. Of course, all that is on top of other possible reasons and preferences. Now, it would be very uncomfortable, awkward, business touchy\risky for ladies to post what I just did on here.....expecially knowing they would then be interrogated to elaborate and argue every point and possible exception......told to not just post no ""AA" but see screened guys through  P411 and references via Pm and...yada yada blah blah blab blab." Well I don't have those issues so I'm posting it. What it is NOT is "no AA" is a rip-off crew, OR a racist. If you think it is, then my advice to you......even my DEMAND of you, is that you pick up the phone RIGHT NOW and call the provider of your LEAST FAVORITE age, race, look, weight, service options, dress, and book them now. After all, what a PERSON wants and prefers has no place here....its all about whats "fair". 

    Like I said in my original comment. I am merely repeating what was told to me.

    Once again " Most No AA ads, has nothing to do with safety or racism"

    It's money hustle. It has to do with making quick cash, as quietly as possible.

    Why is everyone so stuck on the racism Bull? It's a mind fuck.

    She clearly said "It's not what everybody thinks" And you know what? I believe her.

    Get off the limited racist thinking for a bit.


  5. 22 minutes ago, MrBigShot said:

    Is the moral of your story actually that if providers see AA clients they will get ripped off? And the only way to prevent them from being ripped off is to specify in their ads they won't see AA clients?

    ??? That's not what I'm saying at all. Actually on the contrary. What I'm saying is The rip off crews look for easy targets. It seems like they have found that white guys and guys over a certain age are less likely to make a scene when they unknowingly pay for rushed, lousy service or at times no service at all. However, the African American guys are more likely to make trouble or drama when they feel like they are not getting their money's worth. Hence "No AA" ads. Simple. It's a    hustle. Seems like African Americans just want more "bang" for their buck. No pun intended. Rip off crews are there solely to make as much money as quickly as possible.  Customer service is not even a consideration. That's why it's always best to stick with reviewed ladies.


  6. That's exactly why I don't post here. Too many ex-spirts

    Hey guys, how I got it? that's how I'm stating it.

    You could be in denial all you want. I'm just trying to shed some light.

    I got it from an insider.

    FYI- Notice I said "almost dominated". I'm can't speak in absolutes. Therefore, quite possibly they aren't all like that. But quite a few.

    Buyer Beware.


  7. I hardly post on this forum anymore for various reasons, I've adopted a more voyeuristic standpoint. But I feel like i do have something to contribute and share on this topic. I recently had the opportunity to speak with a provider who often posted "No AA" in her ads. She is an Ebony provider by the way.

    She explained to me why "No AA" in the ads. To quote her correctly "It's not for the reasons that you think" She said that it had nothing to do with safety or racism. It's purely about money.

    1.) Backpage and craigslist is now almost dominated by "Criminal Ripoff Crews" out to make money. They are very dangerous people. Have you noticed how most of the local talent have vanished from backpage?

    2.) She advised me to never pay for an hour or multiple hours, you will never get the time you pay for. The visit is purposely set up for quick in and out. Quick money, lousy service or sometimes no service at all.  It does'nt matter how much time you pay for, they are instructed to rush you in and out in 30 minutes or preferably less. Pimps banging on the door. Pretending to be hotel security or undercover cops. That's the problem with African Americans, they pay for an hour, they expect an hour. She said that "they like to take their time" and get very upset when they feel like they are not getting their money's worth. Many times they would make a scene, attracting unwanted attention from legitimate hotel guests. Some have actually tipped off the hotel front desk or LE as an act of revenge. Some have actually gotten violent. They found out that trying to ripoff brothers ain't no joke. She said white boys are different, because they are easy.  When they get ripped off, they just leave and don't make a scene. They don't want any trouble and are often too afraid that their wives, or families might find out. They're easy targets she said. Some ads will say No AA under 40. That just means that some crews feel older AA men wont make a scene after getting ripped off either and just leave quietly. Because like she said "who are they going to tell?"

    So there I hope that helps.

    Moral of the story? When now when you see "NO AA" ads, don't get upset. That's code for "You about to get ripped off" stay clear no matter what race you are.


  8. You pretty much nailed it. I think with warmer weather and the seasons changing, there is going to be an influx of visiting providers, especially on sites like BP. Also, maybe the "local" talent decided to move up from BP to some other more reputable sites.

    Thanks Kari, you know, sometimes you just have to read between the lips. Huh, I mean the lines. ;)


  9. You pretty much nailed it. I think with warmer weather and the seasons changing, there is going to be an influx of visiting providers, especially on sites like BP. Also, maybe the "local" talent decided to move up from BP to some other more reputable sites.

    And the more reputable sites will beeeeee? TOB included of course. Please do tell Kari?


  10. Is it just me... Or has the menu changed quite backpage??

    Wait a minute.

    I speak Clit.

    let me try.

    I think he's asking how come most of the local talent has vanished from Backpage and replaced by new bloods with outta town phone numbers? Did I get it right? Did I?


  11. I think it's because if you find to large of a clit it becomes a penis.

    Ok Mr Macho. I'll take that comment as a shot across my bow. And I will respond. However, first I think that most of us hobbyist might appreciate it, if providers would treat the penis more like a clitoris. As opposed to tugging and pulling or yanking at it. Or like they say "Jerking it off". Maybe try stroking and massaging.

    Now that being said, Mr. Macho if your statement is supposed to insinuate, that there may be some repressed homosexual urges or tendencies somehow hidden in my statement. Then all I can say is you must be ignorant enough to think that your statement is astute or maybe even an insult.

    Actually penises and clitorises are very similar in nature.

    At the same I ponder on your user name Macho and wonder also, if you might be trying to over compensate for a deficiency in certain areas. ;)


  12. Why is it so wrong to ask big clit providers to PM me? Some people get bent out of shape (no pun intended) by that question. Some respond and are happy that they did. Which one are you gonna be? why is the forum so sensitive (pardon the puns)about this subject? We should celebrate the clitoral orgasm. Shouldn't we? Why be such prudes :) The hobby isn't just for the customer's enjoyment. Or is it? :rolleyes: Hmmmm.


  13. While I understand that the ladies work very hard and their profession is not an easy one to be in. I beg to ask when is it ok to turn around and walk out the door. Let me explain please. When I make a first visit appointment, it's based on pictures and perceived looks. However, I never know for sure what to expect until I actually walk in the room. There's been times when pictures appear to be taken 10 years prior (or so it may seem) or the provider has packed on quite a few pounds since the picture (Im not into BBW) or the provider has a bad attitude and dont seem into it. There's also been times when I just did not feel safe or the pictures were flat out fake. When is it ok to just say thanks but no thanks. Turn around and walk away? Is there a protocol? Should I explain why, should I tip for cancelling the appointment? Or just run like hell? Isnt it the providers job to provide good customer service or is it the responsibility of only the customer to act appropriately. Ladies please put your two cents in. An inquiring mind needs to know. Im a decent man who is never rude to the ladies because I understand how difficult your job could be. But Jeez! Help me out here.


  14. Yep. If she has done nuru and prostate, well, you are surely going to get a happy ending. Perhaps the alphabet soup we use is not so common knowledge, but Ink is right, if she is offering nuru/prostate, she should know the vernacular.

    I know right? Thats like taking your car to a mechanic and he ask you, whats a piston? Wouldn't that kinda freak you out? Weird. I think I'll pass.


  15. Don't judge me ok? It's just my thing.:rolleyes: I love an orgasmic provider with a larger than normal clit who loves DATY. Who doesn't right? PM me please. have references, got skills, will travel. A good clit is hard to find these days. You feel me?(No pun intended)


  16. Just find a guy with a really small dick. There are lots of those around (or so I'm told, LOL)

    Very funny guy you are, sounds like you are talking from experience :). No dude I'm straight, just got a thing for oversized clits is all. Comments like that is why no one takes these forums seriously.