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  1. Respectfully seeking.

    Very funny guy you are, sounds like you are talking from experience . No dude I'm straight, just got a thing for oversized clits is all. Comments like that is why no one takes these forums seriously.
  2. 411 on Pine Tree Therapy on Kipling

    Anyone know what happened to Pine Tree Therapy on Kipling? I went over there and they were closed. No sign even.
  3. Happy Birthday Velvet Valentine

    Happy Birthday Velvet. Earthstrong!
  4. Respectfully looking in Colorado for well endowed ASP

    Destiny, I couldn't get a good look but I think it looked perfect.
  5. I am a respectful hobbyist in search of well endowed ASP in the clitoral department. Please PM me with suggestions. see link for example. Thanks
  6. Respectfully looking in Colorado for well endowed ASP

    Well I'll be damned. I'll have to see it to believe it. You can do amazing things with computers these days. I guess I must definitely not be gay, Because I dont find it attractive. However large clits are a different story. Wowza!
  7. Respectfully looking in Colorado for well endowed ASP

    No personal experience here either. But I think hermaphrodite means fully functional genitalia of both sexes. While intersex means ambiguous. The girl in the link is neither. I think it just a large or pumped clit which is still very sexy.
  8. Respectfully looking in Colorado for well endowed ASP

    Or it could just be a very large clit. Hermaphrodites are an urban legend. Aren't they? Like Santa Claus. They dont really exist. Just in our minds. large clits on the other hand do exist. There is actual medical evidence. Finding one is the challenge.
  9. is it the color of my skin?

    Amen to that! Now that's a theory I could deal with
  10. is it the color of my skin?

    I'm all about about preference. Just dont come unglued and bent out of shape when I state mine. That's all I'm saying. If the preference theory holds water, then it should be applied to all.
  11. is it the color of my skin?

    I hear you man. I think it just straight up Racism. Call it what it is. instead of sugar coating. Thank you Adelle for expressing your frustration. I wish other providers would do the same in solidarity. As a man of Color i feel personally insulted by those statements. In addition I'm a bit confused. I recently posted a respectable ad looking for a provider with certain natural endowments that I find important. Some of the reponses i got back were very unfavorable. As though I was being very inappropriate. How come I cant ask a respectable question abut a female body part, but at the same time, be marginalised because of my race. Isn't that a double standard? I know some brothers could be assholes but aren't there any white men who are assholes too? I've also met my share of asshole providers. Just saying.