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  1. Hobbyists: Where else do you browse?

    Girls can't post on TER huh? How do they get exposure on there then? Also, thanks for your input it's greatly appreciated.
  2. Hobbyists: Where else do you browse?

    I have only visited Denver once but was curious what other hobbling sites are most popular here? I'm from Oregon & TNA is well used but not so much here so I was just curious where else you all look for your next encounter Also, I'm fairly new to using this site, is there anything I can do or add to my profile/posting to make me more verified & credible on here? lol I've got dozens of great reviews on other sites but I rarely ever get contacted from here much & thought maybe I'm missing something lol thanks for reading! Xoxo
  3. HOBBYISTS: Team Downtown or Team DTC?

    I was originally going to stay downtown to play it safe here because I'd never been and didn't know where to stay but everyone who had contacted me prior to my arrival requested DTC & not one person said downtown lol so I changed my stay plans
  4. Hey everyone! I'm excited to have just joined

    I'm super new to this board like by a few minutes but I'm from Portland, OR & here we use TNA board a lot but I recently stumbled across this one. Hopefully Denver is nice, I was in college the last few years & wasn't able to travel much so I'm hoping to make up for it some this year and next. Well I just thought I'd introduce myself & any tips would be greatly appreciated--I'm so slow when it comes to getting familiar with new sites (it took me forever to even get an Instagram or any social media I'm just old school at heart I think). Xo, Bosnian Bombshell