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  1. Veteran TOB Ladies Please Help!

    Hugs & kisses to the 2 ladies that educated me via PM/email!
  2. Veteran TOB Ladies Please Help!

    Reviewed my denial letter. It's either one posted review or an invitation from an established client.
  3. Veteran TOB Ladies Please Help!

    Email works too, if that's a better method for sharing. tishthique@gmail.com
  4. Blacklisting?

    WOW! This guy is a provider's worst nightmare.
  5. Veteran TOB Ladies Please Help!

    I know references from providers is the 1st line of screening but since I'm a new booty I want to be newbie friendly.
  6. Ladies, I'm finally ready to dive into the wonderful world of review boards but I need your help first. Reading the forums over the last 4 months helped me realize I was taking serious risks & playing Russian roulette with my safety all these years by seeing clients without any form of verification. I know P411 will help once I receive the 2 required reviews to join. What can I do in the meantime? I don't want to post another ad without some type of screening process in place. Please PM me with anything you would like to share. Thanks, in advance for all your help! Tish Thique
  7. Users Banned- LustyLeah and RJB1354

    Wow! Although I haven't posted any ads on here to date, LustyLeah PM'd in November for a couples session. When asked to meet in person over coffee or drinks to establish chemistry & set expectations before involving the SO, "she" claimed to be deaf & dumb. Then 2 days later RJB sent a PM asking to meet in her place. I wish I would have known the incident could have been reported to admin. He would have been exposed months ago.
  8. Toiletries Every Incall Should Have?

    Lol MrBigShot I swear most men over 40 have the Irish Spring/Old Spice thing going on. English Leather has been replaced with Axe lmao. You guys are cracking me up today.
  9. Question for the Colorado masses

    Growing up in Denver, I believe it depends on what area of town you're from. East: Y'all West: Yous North: You Guys South: You All lol Tish Thique
  10. Toiletries Every Incall Should Have?

    But then you're super stinky like fumes & onions.
  11. Toiletries Every Incall Should Have?

    I was thinking of keeping the top 4-5 products on display & offer deodorant (spray-on if possible) by request.
  12. Toiletries Every Incall Should Have?

    Wish more Guys were like you!
  13. Toiletries Every Incall Should Have?

    The non-scented lotions & oils for sure. I guess I'm thinking of those who come home smelling like "Irish Spring & Old Spice" every evening....
  14. Toiletries Every Incall Should Have?

    No communal deodorant BBB, yucky poo! I'm thinking either spray-on or travel size to keep.
  15. Gentlemen, The only things more important than chemistry in this hobby is cleanliness and discretion. Sometimes a shower is required before or after an encounter. Unfortunately, many gentlemen cannot return to work/home smelling different. Which hygiene products do you wish every incall provider would keep on hand? Please provide specifics. Example: Irish Springs soap bars & Old Spice deodorant. Thanks, Luvs! Tish Thique