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  1. Mans Dinner Menu

    I have a killer recipe for deviled eggs, pasta salad and a sour cream/dill potato salad.... Oh...and homemade mac and cheese with ham in it👌
  2. Posted without comment

    Never dumped anyone because of his size....I dumped them because they acted like " dicks"
  3. New Game of the Week

    Yeah.... mesumlongshlong would be my hobby name😂
  4. To ALL TOB members.....

    Leaving the area for an extended recharge myself... looking at other locations to relocate ... So to simplify yes... I'm moving
  5. To ALL TOB members.....

    To ALL TOB members, I feel the need you apologize for my negative behavior as of late. Making a promise to myself when starting this a year ago, I promised that if my behavior changed and I became negative that I'd "reevaluate " who I am and work on getting back to who I truly am. So I am apologizing for the negative energy that I may have been placing on the forums and to the members. Wishing EVERYONE health, wealth and happiness. Here is to new POSITIVE chapters in life⚘ Love you ALL, Bella
  6. No towels!

    I always supply CLEAN,fresh towels as well as 4 different types of MEN'S body wash.... As well as CLEAN SHEETS😊
  7. Taking an extended " Break"...

    Thank you all... I hope for the clients (the good ones) that the drama and backstabbing will end😚 good luck to y'all as well
  8. I Wonder......

    Oh how I'll miss you and your lyrics...
  9. Weird behavior?

    Oh...I have....
  10. Weird behavior?

    I've got a few more and your name and a few others are listed👄🖕😙
  11. Weird behavior?

    Do you have nothing better to do? Grow up
  12. Weird behavior?

    So glad I've decided what I have....
  13. Weird behavior?

    Weird behavior.... threatening texts stating they're going to " pass" screening and find me.... scheduling then almost getting to location then suddenly disappearing...weird stuff....calling then hanging up....suspicious behavior....
  14. Weird behavior?

    Has anyone else noticed and INCREASE of suspicious and bizarre behavior lately?...
  15. Taking an extended " Break"...

    Thank you all for the well wishes