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  1. When a client threatens to write negative review when you refuse to see them

    JENNA JAMES....the same thing happened to me in 2016 but I wasn't given the type of advice you were... I'm hoping that you know you're not alone💕
  2. SMILF

    Omg....I KNOW RIGHT?! I loved the episode where she masturbated to her babies daddy new girlfriend online😂
  3. Overnights, Your Opinion Please.

    I agree... I have done a few overnights.... they're usually with clients I've seen prior and have already done multi hours with to see if we get along.... preferring to cuddle same bed options(king size) are nice...personally prefer overnights with one person then seeing 7 different clients....morning WAKE UPS are ALWAYS WELCOMED....
  4. Happy Thanksgiving

    Just wanted to wish EVERYONE a happy and SAFE holiday....
  5. New to Touring...Pros/Cons

    thank you... i usually stay in Upscale/ Nice rooms....
  6. New to Touring...Pros/Cons

    Lol.... she's not the only one😄
  7. New to Touring...Pros/Cons

    Thank you for your insightful input from a clients perspective....
  8. New to Touring...Pros/Cons

    This was my first as well...I learned quite a bit
  9. New to Touring...Pros/Cons

    Thank you alexa... that Info is helpful... have a great day🤗
  10. New to Touring...Pros/Cons

    This thread is intended to SEEK ADVICE from TRAVELING PROVIDERS. Kali you are a local... no drama needed nor warranted....have a better day
  11. Traveling the world, where to next?

    Which areas to stay learned that VERY QUICKLY😂
  12. New to Touring...Pros/Cons

    Ok... so I am asking TRAVELING Providers a question.... Do you enjoy touring? And what type of advice can you share about your experiences?.... Love to get your input...Thanks
  13. Traveling the world, where to next?

    So being new to traveling.... what advice do you have?.... I've learned alot already... Just wanted to see what you have learned... Thank you for your advice..
  14. Happy one year Hoversary..

    We have the same time frame for anniversary..... it's been a very " enlightening" year in this new chapter of life....
  15. Mans Dinner Menu

    I have a killer recipe for deviled eggs, pasta salad and a sour cream/dill potato salad.... Oh...and homemade mac and cheese with ham in it👌