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  1. Ladies BEWARE...

    Im pretty sure this move is ancient and people have been doing this since condoms existed.... Always be aware of what your doing.. I'm pretty good at catching those sneaky bastards. I let them know that they can be charged for such a crime because it is a crime. Also BOTH people involved in the act will know if rubber breaks or if they take it off. Its just the excuses that unguilty our conscience. It is always safer to use lube and keep an eye/feel on your protection for the safety of a situation like so.
  2. Warning LE problems, wierdos, and creeps

    I did screen mildly because I have met some gents that just scroll through but When he got here he was talking inappropriate and explicit. He wasnt very gent like.... Also I am In Denver
  3. Hey TOB! I had un unfortunate encounter this morning from a hispanic man in a big white truck.... Not a gent. Calling from TOB with no handle. Please avoid and stay safe. Always Screen and dont let your dates talk crazy to you. Unwelcome them if they do. Suspicious activity is helpful to report so I'm not sure what number report regulations there are but these are the last four [Snip}. Probably using a text free number but anything helps so good luck! Happy Encountering!
  4. My state of play that i always come back too is Tennessee. Memphis preferably but when I try to post, it doesn't give me the options to post in Tennessee however there is a girl posted in Memphis but I Dont know how she did it.
  5. Tennessee

    I also agree. Im having trouble posting in tenessee
  6. Ha! I figured it out. I just didnt have enough photos to see a difference. The "my attachment" feature just basically works as the photo memory.
  7. In search of Photographers

    Hello Im still a newby to the area and I was hoping to find a photographer to help out with some new photos.
  8. Im interested in understanding the my attachments feature.
  9. Southern Gal: Greetings TOB

    Hey thank you all for my comments! I'm happy to say that I found a pretty great photographer to take some photos for me and I will be posting them soon. Also thanks to Kaduk for editing my post and keeping everything 100%. I'm looking forward to more disscussions. Any good forum suggestions?
  10. Southern Gal: Greetings TOB

    Hey everyone, just getting to interact with the community ! I'm Lola. Its pleasure to be here , it was pretty smooth getting on the other board. I look forward to becoming more acquainted with the community and maybe learn a few tricks. I love to post and keep the community updated so keep me informed. feel free to give some feedback. I'm currently looking for a good photographer if you have any suggestions in the Denver area. [snip]