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  1. Atlanta

    Just wondering what sites are good for out here? My go-tos aren't really active out this way. seems like nothing is actually active this way. Lol. Any help is always much appreciated! <3
  2. Drop the Attitudes

    Definitely agree to this! Although I must say, each site has its few bad apples. Some gentlemen ive met here have been the absolute sweetest. <3 Others (whom I have not seen due to lack of respect), not so much. Some "men" just simply don't care about treating a lady with respect. Regardless of profession. However, some think just because we do what we do, that we don't deserve respect. Its just the way of the world. I just choose not to see said individuals to keep the positive vibes flowing. The Block feature on my phone is amazing! c(;
  3. Denver visit?

    Was thinking about making another trip to Denver. As I have not been in a couple years.. Still trying to learn this site lol. Anyway, I would just like to know a good area to stay in? Thanks in advance!(: Xox