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  1. What’s your favorite

    "The most beautiful things in life are just not things. They’re people and places, memories and pictures. They’re feeling and moments and smiles and laughter" Because these are the things that make me smile from the inside out
  2. Are you woogie ready RIGHT NOW

  3. Driving in the Snow

    Find a school or church parking lot near you and practice stopping and starting when lot is empty. Get comfortable there before "jumping" into traffic.
  4. The new Gaylord by DIA

    Isn't knowing if the rooms are soundproof needed attention? 🤔🤔😂😂😂
  5. I have watched this Board and add my 2 cents on occasion. There are things I've seen which at times really get my blood boiling but the one thing I see more than anything else is the desire to help one another. I have seen "the bad asses" melt and have a heart of gold. I've "seen a group" that will fight each other tooth and nail but if someone new or an outsider attacks, this dysfunctional group bands together to "protect its own". There is a trust amongst you. TOB is a family. There is an underlying trust within this community, it protects its own. For the Mods to require sensitive information in order to protect itself and all of the members, this should not be fought but welcomed. I'd have no problem having to provide the same information to the Mods as that which is being asked of the Ladies. It's a verification that is my understanding that will be checked and then deleted. At no time have I ever seen anything remotely posted or any actions from the Mods to cause me any doubt as to the trustworthiness of them. Thank you for bringing this up
  6. 2019 Resolutions ...

    You don't put bumper stickers on a Ferrari, you young lady are already an example of how we should all strive to be. Loving, laughing, and most of all caring.
  7. Merry Christmas fam

    Laci we are the ones that are blessed that you are part of our lives. Merry Christmas to a very Beautiful person.
  8. Time?

    What started as a question/opinion turned into a real S**tstorm. Observing from the outside there have been plenty of attacks and counters which in my opinion shouldn't be. As Laci stated, we've all had moments/times/ appointments that we'd like to, and should, forget. We've all also had moments/times/ appointments that changed us. Attacks, piling on have no purpose. It doesn't help anyone, can destroy one, and I'm pretty sure no one benefits in any way. I use to go to meetings that were closed with the statement; "Take what you need and leave the rest. What was said here was said in confidence". Maybe if we adapt that to appointments and change the word from said to happened, all would/will be winners. My mom is 93 and gets smarter every day. One of the cliche's she alsways said was "if you can't say something nice". Point is as Laci stated, we all have bad days. That does not define who we are.
  9. Our Thanksgiving Mascot

    No true word have ever been written or spoken
  10. Ladies reaching out...

    This is a FACT. Laci is easily one of the most caring people that I have ever met.
  11. Generic fails

    I BELIEVE in Costco's 5 Hour Energy. I cut way down on coffee. Great for my long rides. I once left the majority of a case to a Beautiful young lady to try. Never asked if it worked as well for her as it does with me.
  12. Holiday season

  13. Holiday season

    Family, loved ones and cookies for those very special people
  14. Halloween costume

    You naked, truly a Masterpiece. Some of the rest of us, more like Kindergarten art.
  15. Any one have a good ghost story?

    Technically not true, I seem to remember pictures being posted through out the evening. 😂😂😂