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  1. Is Tob a houston Thing!!

    Love me some Houston. I lived there a long time. Pretty sure they have local boards there. Hope that helps and best wishes. Inbox me with any questions!
  2. Eros Call Center Raided

    I love Eros and have a lot of trust in their professional approach. Same rules for screening etc can and should be used for any site including here. I think everything will be just fine. :-D
  3. Its like Yoga....

    Then you probably haven't done Power Yoga That will also help your fishing technique!
  4. Stop Chasing Another Version of Yourself

    Having a kind and open heart is the most beautiful thing of all <3
  5. Why don't providers work out?

    As a fitness professional I find that funny! Keep looking!
  6. Escort Games. Who wants to play?!

    Drum role ........ and now a Bingo game for the clients :-P
  7. Is P411 the only way?

    Any client who refers to us as a hooker is not deserving of my time. P411 is very good for a lot of reasons. However meeting someone new is always challenging for a lot of reasons. I verify a lot of ways and do use Verify him which requires some personal info. Sorry but it's all about mutual respect. I also don't responds to text that say "Hey" or "U on?" like I'm some sort of cum bucket. It all depends on the level and kind of service you desire. Keep it classy ladies!
  8. Public Apology

    Yes that happens to me is as well. We get inspired different ways. At the core, I do know when I'm living authentically and that is an evolving process. Have a wonderful week!
  9. Public Apology

    Love me some good ol fashion shit as well
  10. Public Apology

    lol. Love me some Dwayne
  11. "Owns Toys"

    Strap on's seem to be the toy of the year. lol And Kandi you are killing me you sassy thang! ;-)
  12. What Is Your Favorite Summer Tune?

    Nelly: Hot in Here :-P
  13. Public Apology

    Sometimes you need to forget the bullshit and remember who you really are ;-)
  14. all shapes and sizes?

    I usually find something attractive in every single person I meet, whether here or elsewhere. People keep commenting " this isn't" so there you go. I'm here to please my clients and usually do.
  15. Going strong!

    Just want to say that I have truly met some amazing people in the hobby. Both providers and clients alike. Hope you all have a passionate weekend. LIG :-) !!!!!