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  1. Time Respect

    You are a sweetheart. Yes the playground has moved to adulthood. lol Kindof amusing at times! ;-)
  2. Time Respect

    I have to say I've NEVER had a client sitting waiting or confused . I guess there are professionals and then there are people that take advantage. :-D Have a wonderful new year with much happier encounters! Lol What a nice comment. You are going to have an amazing 2018 with all that postive juju Peace and love ! xoxox Sapphire
  3. Time Respect

    Lol What a nice comment. You are going to have an amazing 2018 with all that postive juju Peace and love ! xoxox Sapphire
  4. Time Respect

    Not here, not anywhere else. Still havn't heard from the dude with a logic explanation. I'm just not used to dealing with idiots. haha
  5. Time Respect

    Funny none of my provider friends I know stand guys up. You must be getting with the wrong people
  6. Time Respect

    Thank you very much! I hope you have a fun New Year
  7. Time Respect

    Well I always try to treat people with respect no matter who they are. We need more love in this world!
  8. Time Respect

    Me too. ( kidding)
  9. Time Respect

    I have to agree I see clients that are very stressed with their work situation. I am very professional with my work ethic here or elsewhere. No one's time is any more or less important imho. Keeping it 100.;-)
  10. Time Respect

    Too funny. ;-)
  11. Time Respect

    Yes I was also super stressed planning my daughter's funeral. Long story but everything went well in spite of it all. Thank you for reminding me I'm not alone .;-)
  12. Time Respect

    Yes. just ghosting out is the coward's way. Dont do it!
  13. Time Respect

    Very accurate statement. The whole thing was heightened by my huge stess planning my daughter's funeral.
  14. Time Respect

    Hi Hun!! I was meaning to tell you about everything. What happened with my daughter is really quite horrific and sad. Please text or call me.
  15. Time Respect

    No, that is the thing. I am very understanding but to get NO text, call , nothing is just rude. I'll even take a lame excuse ( which I can tell is happening lol)