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    dancing ( all types), outdoor activities of all sorts, music and arts, fitness (duh), scuba diving and the beach, beautiful scenery and nature, pets, children, fashion, plays, concerts, sports events esp Basketball, festivals,
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  1. Providers that complain

    I have learned the very hard way to keep personal business out of sessions. Both from the clients and myself as well. Really I don't want to know. It's strictly relaxing enjoyable entertainment period. Beyond that I don't have time for anything else.
  2. Where are all the providers?

    Well my two lips are in full bloom 😜
  3. Where are all the providers?

    We are planting tulips and shit
  4. Beautiful

    Good morning! Just wanted to say that every provider on here has inherent beauty and value. I am happy to be among the lovely ladies here in Denver and hope you all have much success and happiness! :-*
  5. Favorite Dirty Movies

    Especially when you don't see it coming and they vanish Plus this was my second go with him and he promised not to do that All part of the mind control I won't let it happen again 😉
  6. Favorite Dirty Movies

    Wow I hear that I just had my heart trashed from a Dom as well Doubt I'll find another like him so just am not going there unless it's light play
  7. How long to wait/did I handle this wrong?

    Sorry you had that experience. As Maya Angelou said " People may forget what you said, people may forget what you did but people will not forget how you made them feel" ;-)
  8. Favorite Dirty Movies

    Well I enjoyed both the book and the movie Ooo la la 😄
  9. Over 40?

    No slowing down for me either! It keeps getting better ;-)
  10. TER Question for the Ladies

    Thank you for the tip. Im considering joining but still not sure if it's worth it ! :-)
  11. Favorite Dirty Movies

    Old school but the Story of O does is for me. Very dear to my heart and my desire
  12. My Rant…

    Sorry that happened to you. That is certainly not my style! I know we all should show respect. Hopefully a few of us can make it up to you ;-)
  13. Harrasment

    Point well taken I'm done with this discussion ! have a wonderful day 😉
  14. Harrasment

    I have nothing to hide either but it pisses me off when people I don't even know are spreading false accusations that our dear clients also don't want to hear Get the facts before you judge All this stems from one provider wanting me to go away It's just that simple
  15. Harrasment

    Uggg that is not going to help him I agree that we should all support each other Unfortunately I gave my trust and personal information to the wrong person There are too many details not being divulged here but from my point of view have been going through hell for 5 months since I chose to provide services on my own