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  1. Red light district

    Thats why I suggested 20th and market lets get those lights up
  2. Red light district

    We need more support for it to work
  3. Red light district

    I want the fun to begin. 20th and market?
  4. Red light district

    Well call me old fashioned but i was tired of sitting in the room anyways. If enough of us providers find an area where all the clients come come like old time lets get the red light district popping!LOL
  5. Night out on the town

    Well thanks bad boy I'll be around there. 😏
  6. What to do

    Thanks I didn't go back but if y'all knew the profile forums probably would go nuts
  7. What to do

    So I have a person at a hotel now I usually don't do hotels but this persons profile checks out I get there I have them send me a direct message on here and I go up to the room but the room is empty they also sent me two different room numbers so I left I have them still asking me to come but I'm nerves because of the link I provided ( now I don't want a bad rep nor do I want to do a session nervous so I'm asking should I go back since he has a couple reviews or is my gut right?
  8. Night out on the town

    Yea I'll have to check it out is there any pool tables?
  9. Night out on the town

    It's been cold out lately but there's no need to stay in what's some good places to meet people? I'm ready to put my sweater dress on and hit the town!
  10. Etiquette rant

    And why do y'all want everything under the sun in the first session little hint for those with low funds book a session with less time let the provider do what ever it is they offer in that session and more than likely the little connection yall made in that session should spark enough to where yall can talk about what's on the menu for next time so you can save your money up and a lot of us girls do discounts for returning clients
  11. Etiquette rant

    That's exactly what I'm talking about I have had sessions and done things that my reviews don't reflect and when I ask about why that was they said because they wanted "more" like how picky can you be my whole thing is there enough providers that if you find one that you like why not stay with her? Seems no clients want to risk losing money but not1 is loyal to the provider who meets their needs so there's going to be some risk somewhere if you can sit still
  12. Etiquette rant

    It's like buying a car you won't walk on to a car lot if you don't have the funds so don't proposition a provider if you have pocket change
  13. Etiquette rant

    Oh no never that I already know LE tries to get you in with big amounts it's not about money tossed up in the air or eventually finding that one.. it's about being safe respectful and having a good time. For those who say it's not like a dating site think again.. most of you want us to be your girlfriend and while we are in a "session" if it's not made like a date it's a bad rep.. so not like a dating site I beg to differ. I understand those who don't have time and those are usually the ones who condone their selves in a respectful manner.. it's those who think a dollar possesses power of us ladies and we just supposed to do what you want. Yes we are open but we have do's and don't as well and little things that help us get off. you want to have a good time show us that.
  14. Etiquette rant

    I understand now. That makes sense I mean if you pay to be here you really are serious
  15. Etiquette rant

    What do you mean? I paid to post my ad and I have the featured ad