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  1. When the nurse is shaving you just before your vasectomy
  2. Eating Cum

    If it turns her on... I am open to give it a shot. Seems as if everyone recycles most things these days.
  3. Body Hair Shave Great comfortable place for Manscaping needs. I found that the Sugaring process keeps me from cursing, and cringing less than waxing. I have yet to meet a woman that did not like a sweet treat.
  4. An Escorts Shopping List

    I usually shop here: Holly did you find my list? I was wondering where my list was,thanks for finding it........good thing I saved a copy. Milfs Tenderloins Lady fingers Ho Ho's Mrs Spunkmeyer muffins Mounds Bit O Honey Pop Rocks Bone-in ham Fortune cookies Pound cakes Sticky buns Stuffing Rump Roasts Whipping Creme Nut Goodies Lik-em-aid Grape nuts Fish Tacos Kumquats Clamato Juice Blow Pops
  5. I like to use gift bags and a card. In a envelope might be percieved as "Junk Mail":p
  6. Christmas Wishes

    My wand to grant more than one wish per hour and one of these: