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  1. My feelings are kinda hurt

    Dont let that get to you..theres a lot of quality providers around here..but it is her choice..also she is only 22 try a 26year old & up lol....hint hint
  2. New to colorado

    Thanks for all the love guys...starting to feel the love now...
  3. New to colorado

    You guys are to funny....hola
  4. New to colorado

  5. New to colorado

    Hey guys katieb really looking forward to being here..
  6. Fargo

    Guess who
  7. Alaska

    Doesn't hurt to try..but they need it..alot of guys are getting tired of Bp but it's there only source..I actually had 1 guy find me on here while I've been out here
  8. Alaska

    It'll really help out the guys here..
  9. Alaska

    What about Anchorage?
  10. Hey guys it's street vibrations in Reno..This was the first event I went to when I first became a Nevadan. Everyone comes from all over on there motorcycles and comes to Reno to have a great time.. BASICALLY A WHOLE LOT OF LEATHER LOL..
  11. Fargo

    Hey guys I'm back in Fargo for a week.
  12. Going to Reno

    Your just not looking hard enough.. Hey guys KATIEB here based out of Reno..I'm new to this site.