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  1. Small breasted friend (·) (·)

    I got small ones that I just love, love, so much
  2. I loved the old street work where the hoe got into the car.. did what she had to do and got out. All this pretend girlfriend bullshit nowadays is stupid. You a trick. You will be treated as such. You buy the service and we say bye. If you need to talk, go to a therapist not a hooker.
  3. Ladies we have to do better

    Girls try to be discreet when posting ads
  4. I mean you’re done, what else you want? most escorts don’t really like talking to clients.. so if you already finished what else is there to do.. play cards naked? No. On to the next one haha. It’s a business.
  5. i am new to this site as well! :)

    Hey guys! My name is Kiki, I am from brooklyn NYC. joined this site in hopes of meeting new exciting gentlemen to hang out with and have some fun! Im friendly and outgoing. xoxo