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  1. Am I wrong??

    Thanks Laci I know not to tell them about the blacklist but thanks for confirming that xoxo Lexy
  2. Am I wrong??

    Am I wrong to block or not respond to clients whom either 1. have many entries on verify him, 2. Did something to make me free uncomfortable in a previous session, or 3. Countinuously ask for discounted session (based on their financial situation?) These people keep asking why I wont respond to them- should I tell them straight up or?? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. I try to be a nice lady, a stand up provider. I treat people with kindness and respect. I guess I believe it's best to say nothing at all but I'm torn. Thanks in advance xoxo
  3. New client trying to join community

    BB your was incredible!!! can I forward it to all of my potential clients XOXO
  4. Real pictures vs altered pictures

    I as well do not like to have the airbrush/photoshopped photos. I definitely prefer selfies that I take even if they are not professional quality because I represent myself as what you see what you get! I've definitely had gents tell me that they choose me based on the fact that I must be confident with myself for using non pro pics, and confidence is a turn on to some... I feel this honestly have helped me immensely in this industry Funny I've never lied about my age or anything else...The only thing fake I have is my hair color & nails LOL 😘
  5. Hotels are killing me literally, I could go on and on about housekeeping walking into the room, check-in problems, cancellations, ect but the main issue is that I have already paid 900.00 this month on rooms.. My friend and I used to share an Incall apartment. It was a great set up, discrete, always available and clean! I so miss it. I already have a mortgage, but at this cost I must rent a private place again..... Anyone have a property for rent? Please pm me and TIA Xoxo
  6. Yes you do know me. To small. Ring a bell..

  7. Question for the gents.....

    I would have to agree but with that being said I would also have to say that a customer who provides there handle or verification details definitely moves to the front of the line versus a caller from say bp... without references... for safety's sake.. but I guess that it's the same for the guys as the girls and just because their members of TOB really doesn't make them any safer.... always screening ❤️
  8. Question for the gents.....

    No one is perfect... and you can't please everyone all of the time... but you can always try there's always tomorrow
  9. Question for the gents.....

    Hi Guys, I am wondering if you usually offer your TOB handle or other board membership information, for verification and as a way to say "hey I'm not a flakey/creepy person". Or do you wait for the lady to request it? Thanks xoxo
  10. You don't have to be blonde to....

    Be a total dumby!!! I have been so out of the game, if you will, for so long that I just finally today figured out the whole sharing my profile with you feature!!!! Thanks to a sweet and educating hobbyist!! Xoxo Lmao! We'll thanks TOB.. that's way cool!! Ps.. nothing against blondes I love everyone #notsosmartfrancesa#
  11. Etiquette in contacting a provider

    I think it depends on the specific lady personally I don't post every day yet I typically am available so I don't mind if people contact me anytime just my two cents! Happy Friday
  12. Dark Horse Bar and Grill Boulder.. Good or?

    Xoxo thanks babe
  13. Dark Horse Bar and Grill Boulder.. Good or?

    Thanks for your comments everyone. Here's the skinny/update, if anyone cares lol! I went in starving and was happy with the decision! I have a thing for history so the walls and decorations were great to look at as I waited for my food/ I couldn't do the Peanut Butter burger, Chrissy, but I was tempted! I had a delicious Chicken club and a vodka, redbull Then I went to the upstairs area and played a few games of pool with some 20ish year old college boys, feeling every bit of a MILF in my high heels and short skirt while trying to remember to act young and cool lol..... Maybe I was too distracting, but I kicked both of their butts before calling it a night! All in a i rate it a 10! Thanks for reading xoxo
  14. Dark Horse Bar and Grill Boulder.. Good or?

    Thanks everyone
  15. This place looks interesting and I have never been there... Can anyone recommend it or should I steer clear lol TiA