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  1. Today is my Birthday!

    That’s awesome maybe I will mean good luck all year!!!
  2. Insight

    As can I!! 😋 Not all of Texas sucks, just a few lol
  3. A hell of a night

    Sounds like you guys had a blast 👍 I bet it was a hoot & full of interesting/hilarious comments/innuendos lol!!! I mistakenly commented on a post earlier not realizing it was in regards to this (blonde moment, no laughing Megan!)
  4. Today is my Birthday!

    Happy birthday too you and many more xoxo 🎂
  5. Questions from Newbies about the Ladies

    I also have been a long time member here but only a contributor for the last few years. My advice to both girls and guys: be kind on the board when commenting. be respectful of other people’s opinions and thanksful for them, listen well to the established ladies and gentlemen here. They know what they are talking about and they will help guide you in the appropriate ways to handle most all things! If your not a douchebag! (Girls and guys) Be safe and sometimes patient. Respect the management, some of them volunteer to put up with our bs!! just my thoughts on things xoxo
  6. Switter down?

    Thanks for letting me know! I thought it was just me and of course the day I choose to post laugh my ass off! Thank you TOB family what would I do without you
  7. Switter down?

    Or I am having operator error?? Mhmm not Technologically advanced
  8. Yes thank you to the gentlemen who understand and appreciate us.. wish they were all like you!!! ❤️ The true hobbyists!! Xoxo
  9. Fraud references

    Same here but 2 times yesterday... and not even for reference.. I was just asking for his handle somewhere.. and no reply! Better safe than sorry!!
  10. Tob Veteran and It's a Bright and New Day!

    I feel like this too lol but we can do it!!! Technical evolution 😋
  11. Friend Zone 2

    Indeed!! It’s nice to be missed!!! Thanks💋 I have been trying to get settled in and caught up after vacation! Xoxo
  12. Friend Zone 2

    HappyC is one of the sweetest ever, as are you so yeah, twins in kindness and thoughtfulness Thanks to you both! xoxo
  13. FOSTA Now Law - Just Signed By Trump

    Boo Lol This is great sadness
  14. Let's Talk About Switter

    I’m @francescababe
  15. Tob Veteran and It's a Bright and New Day!

    I also remember those chat room days from way back my first photo shoot was by a older sweet gentleman calling himself Bear lol I was so “wet behind the ears” back then ... then it shut down and I found my way here Thanks for helping along the way, amazing guys and girls of this community xoxo It is so hard for those of us who don’t hate our lifestyle and who play here by choice... fingers crossed 🤞 xoxo