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  1. It all spends the same!

    🎉🎉🎉🎁 “ Happy birthday Mr. President happy birthday to you! “- Marilyn Monroe
  2. Dress Code for Men

    I personally am a sucker for a button down shirt but A smile is the best thing to wear to an appt imo!
  3. It all spends the same!

    Same here, small purse problem for me. I also love credit cards as I get instant deposit from them and I never have to see the gents card or info!
  4. Disappointment

    😂 lol
  5. Another etiquette question for the ladies

    I tend to call everyone babe.. my “friends”, parents,strangers and kiddos lmao two most overused words for me are lol and babe! 😊
  6. Happy hump day

    Thanks you too I love halfway day
  7. A funny video on a Sunday night!

    Warning explicit language but funny video imo!
  8. The Picture Issue

    Out of points, “I do lingerie, stockings and nice shoes unless asked otherwise. I call it my work uniforms.” Me too I love my dressy fun clothes! And Audrey, I’m 100% sure that your drop dead Gorgeous in anything you put on....from your sexy yoga pants to your work uniform! 😊
  9. P411 profile update

    I do.. I love the info section the best! Gives me an idea of how you are!
  10. The Picture Issue

    Personally I use both professional photos And selfies. I don’t allow my photographer to edit any of my photographs. I edit myself if I edit them at all but I do like a combination of professional and personal photos also, I get my professional photos updated monthly and always open the door looking the way I normally look...!I’m the real deal- what you see is what you get with Francesca
  11. Walk me through the ideal client

    This frequently happens to me with some of my known friends! So sweet when you get that connection made! So relaxing
  12. Walk me through the ideal client

    Hey there leave my ass alone!
  13. DILF’s

    Ain’t no shame in the game 😊
  14. Labor Day

    I am flying to Chicago to watch the fireworks over Lake Michigan and taking my daughter and her best friend... we are Hilton girls staying on the magnificent mile. I have never been to Chicago although I’m originally from an area south of St. Louis. I love to travel and I’m quite looking forward to a few days away from my lovely Denver! Wishing All of my friends a happy Labor Day weekend 😊
  15. What's for dinner

    Chicken parmigiana is amazing imo but I love most Italian food... heck I love most food!!😊