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  1. Introduction and Backpage question

    All great advice... :) it can be a headache but at times super rewarding!!!
  2. Greek.... I don't get it.

    Personally I have only tried this once and didnt enjoy it at all... so its very unlikely I will ever try again.. so vanilla lol
  3. Mission trips to - Saving Some Souls

    Does anyone remember Bears Board lol that was my introduction long ago lol!!
  4. Mission trips to - Saving Some Souls

    I also use backpage and feel the exact same way!! Awesome post.. I will "weed thru the frogs for a prince!" Xoxo
  5. Bars in Denver

    Not everyone follows that math!! Just saying! Happy Holidays btw!
  6. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

    I love giving and receiving gifts as well. I also love to partake in holiday lingerie deals to wear with my fun sexy man friends viewing pleasure !!! Happy holidays xoxo
  7. Denver is the best

    Sorry to make it board post on a trivial subject. I was just very very happy to be back home after having not an awesome time in Cali .... i was venting xoxo
  8. Happy Birthday Francesca!

    Thanks Laci your awesome! I always appreciate your kindness and friendship!
  9. Happy Birthday Francesca!

    That could be arranged!!! Lmao
  10. Denver is the best

    You had me at ice cream cones! xoxo
  11. Happy Birthday Francesca!

    Haha thank you very much I appriciate it very much! Still young at heart!! #29andholding#♡♡♡
  12. Denver is the best

    Thanks Doll!
  13. Am I wrong??

    I dont know about perfect... but I like hearing it!!! Thanks
  14. Denver is the best

    ❤️ You xoxo
  15. Denver is the best

    I travel quite a bit - domestic as well as international, and I am always so pleased to return home.. Denver you have my heart xoxo!!!