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  1. Striptease+

    I've been trying for months to find a provider to do a striptease with benefits. Kind like LEC but FS. So far I have not been terribly successful. Any reccomendations?
  2. 411 on Chelsea

    Chelsea 720-650-3593 Colorado Companion Anyone seen Chelsea?https://theotherboard.com/users/128916 I have texted a few times with no response. Sent a pm, no response. Seems a strange business model. Then I saw there was a dancer at LeC named Chelsea and since what I've been looking for is an extended lap dance that isn't self service ... So has anyone manage to see her?
  3. Could there be a way to search ads for just favorites? Or better still filter ads by favorites - so there's "Boulder" "Denver" "Favorites". I just want to see who on my wishlist has put up an ad recently without having to wade through 5 pages of not my cup of tea.