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  1. Are there any real hookup sites?

    I am only posting to this thread because my profile photo is SO appropriate.
  2. Who talks like this?!?!

    Now *that* is funny. Thanks for sharing.
  3. 411 on BP Sexy-Mature-Discreet?

    Yeah, thanks, you're right. It's just easy to forget the gems amongst the coal, and I guess I'm just not as up for rolling the dice as I used to be.
  4. 411 on BP Sexy-Mature-Discreet?

    Thanks very much. I did several google image searches but did not "catch" the top and bottom pictures, which indeed look TGTBT (and are). I saw the middle pictures listed for Phoenix, which I took as a hopeful sign. I was just wondering if anyone had any personal experiences. Honestly, why the fuck do I look at BP anyhow? I really should know better... Anyhow, thanks again and I'm done with this one.
  5. I've tried to get any info on her but to no avail. Anyone? Looks like my kind of gal, seems TGTBT. Thanks.
  6. rochester NY providers?

    Damn dude, I really shoulda thought of that myself! Thanks!
  7. rochester NY providers?

    I am going to be in Rochester NY for a week visiting family (not fun) and may need some TLC (fun). Anybody know of any provider advertising other than BP to which I could refer? Any provider recommendations? Thanks!
  8. Just busting a nut?

    Yeah, I'm wit you. Well said.
  9. Review ethics/advice?

    I've thought about this alot (I wanted to write that I've thought long and hard about this, but I decided to refrain from punning). Here are my thoughts: 1) I will write a review. I think it all comes down to (as some noted) that if you use a system you must contribute to that system. That's the way a system works, and without participation it will fail. I use the TOB reviews, so I will write a review. 2) I will likely give an "average" rating, since when I take all the good stuff and all the not-so-good stuff, they are more-or-less equivalent. It also allows me to share my experience without giving a negative rating to the provider (who did nothing wrong). 3) I was fairly surprised at the civility and helpfulness of most replies. Thank you. Your comments really helped. 4) I was also surprised at the few snarky comments. Really, gender-bashing is not only passe it is also embarrassing. But more important - and I think this is the major point here - it that hobbying is not about (ahem) "busting a nut". Not only can I do that just fine by myself, I can also find some skank to do it for me for $60. I am paying not just for a pussy and a pair of tits, I am paying good money for an experience. I am paying for the fantasy that this beautiful sexy woman wants to fuck me, and is enjoying fucking me, etc. "Busting a nut' (really?) is just part of that expereince, but it is not THE expereince. "Rethink my expectations" (really? #2); no, I don't think so. I am paying a provider precisely to make me feel wonderful and alive; again, I am not just renting a body for an hour. Enthusiastic sex makes me feel good on far more than just a physical level, and that's what I want, what I pay for, and what I expect. Thanks for listening and thanks for your comments. I am done with this thread and I hope you are too.
  10. Review ethics/advice?

    I just saw (as in she just left) a fairly established provider who has only 3 reviews, from 3-9 months ago. She was more beautiful in person than in her pictures, and was 100% professional. In fact, too professional. I felt that she was distant and disconnected from the moment she walked in to the moment she left. So, my questions for those more learned than me: Should I just chalk this up to a mismatch (it happens, to be sure) and not review her; or, being a more-or-less conscientious member of this community, should I submit a review that describes my lousy experience with her in the hopes that others may benefit from this information? Do I have a greater obligation to the provider not to disclose a poor experience when she did nothing wrong, or a greater obligation to my fellow hobbyists to let them know so they might make a more informed decision? Or should I just get the fuck over myself and stop being such a whiney, guilt-ridden pseudo-intellectual crybaby? <please do NOT answer the last question above, since I know what you're going to say>
  11. I posted a "rip off" review already but these girls are such thieves that I want to be sure no one gets taken like I did, even people who are not sharp enough to read the reviews. They've been advertising on BP quite a bit recently. Sorry if this is redundant and//or you consider it a waste of bandwidth.
  12. Upscale Korean Midget

    I think now I've really seen it all on BP:
  13. Rip off alert

    (I'm the OP) Here's why I sometimes go to BP: 1) There's not much variety over time on TOB. This not a criticism, in fact in many ways consistency is a huge plus, but it is a fact that there are newer and/or different providers on BP than on TOB. 2) Sometimes I get a last minute itch I need to scratch, which is much easier to accomplish on BP than TOB, especially after 5 or on weekends. 3) BP is a starting place for some providers and I think it makes sense to give them a chance, even tough it involves a risk. But please, BP because " you must get an adrenaline rush from the possibility of getting ripped off, beat up or arrested"? Are you out of your mind? Or are you a strict Freudian? Same thing, I gues...
  14. Rip off alert

    Thanks for the info and for the sympathy. I didn't think to search the TOB discussion threads before making the appointment and I could have saved myself time, money, and aggravation by doing so first. I knew the minute they walked in that they had no intention of doing anything other than ripping me off but I was too stupid to grab the donation off the table and just kick them out. What really pissed me off is that they were so smug about it, so confident that I was just some stupid jerk to be taken advantage of. I'm way too much of a softie. Our hobby works only when there is trust and respect on both sides. I hope that my bad experience will warn others not just to avoid these two thieves but also to continue to do as much research as possible beforehand and to (ahem) spread the word.
  15. Rip off alert

    I already posted a review, but this one was really bad and so I want to warn everyone ASAP. Nevaeh and Misty. (720) 275-3642 Yes, they are the girls in the pictures. They will take your money and then act surprised when asked to take their clothes off. They are the worst of the worst, they make me not want to hobby at all.